Day 1081 – Cabopino 15 Feb 13

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Day 1081 – Cabopino 15 Feb 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

The sun is out with a real vengeance. Deep blue skies, light sea breezes and high temperatures. We sit out until quite late now as the cool evenings have dissipared. I know you should have come in January!!!

The 30th saw the 3rd Cabopino International Petanca Competition, with 24 contestants from 10 countries. Excellent weather and high standards of play saw Paul and Kaye beat Bryan and Alison in the final. It was her second final in a row but no success yet. Paul has been insufferable but we’re used to it by now! Great fun. The next one is on 7th Feb when the Campsite has it's FREE BBQ and piss-up! Hope he doesn’t win that as well. Well done, Paul – you got your trophy at last!

The 1st Feb saw another day at Miraflores on the carpet bowls. I'm sure they'd go broke if Cabopino shut!
Tonight is Race night at the Sportsman Bar up the road. As far as I know 27 people from the camp are going mob-handed. Should be fun.
And it was but we all lost our shirts, as usual.:Doh:
Sunday (3rd) and we bussed to Torremolinos with P and J, and walked back to Benalmedina along the prom for lunch. The boat to Fuengi was cancelled so we bussed it back to Fuengi instead and hit the Gin Bar for G and T’s and Mojitos. Monday is a REST DAY!!!!

Bad week for the pound. During the last month the Euro/£ rate has dropped from 1.24 to a low of 1.149 on Friday. Thankfully it has recovered a little today (5th) to 1.168 but it's certainly having a serious financial impact on we long-termers.

Came 3rd in the quiz this weeks, but it was only us and Bryan, so it was a good result. Winning team had 6!

The it was Cabopino Campers Day again. Free food and booze all afternoon in the sun. Of course, all of the flat-stones appeared to scoff all of the food before we could get anywhere near it! We all played in Manu’s Petanca comp and joy of joys – Paul and Jackie deservedly won. We made the semi but just not good enough. A good prize of a week’s free holiday at one of the chalets here at Cabo – worth €400.

A day off and then the Cabopino Pairs Lawn Bowling Competition. 8 pairs in 2 groups and a shock result with me and Shirl beating favourites Robert and Alice in the final. Shirl played really well and deserved her 15 minutes of fame. A great evening celebration at Eve and John’s where Bill really milked the situation!!!:Laughing:

The rest of the weekend was quiet, with Shirl packing up the case for her trip home to see Chloe on Tuesday (12th). She got away OK on Tuesday morning and landed in snow at Stansted where Sue and Les met her. I think she’s got a busy week – much like myself. The rest of Tuesday was spent helping Bryan plant up his garden and erect a gate. He’s taking his land-lording duties quite seriously!

Tuesday evening and it's Quiz Night. Bryan, Jill and I won and then bade Steve and Jill farewell as they head for Cabo de Gato. They’ll be back next month – as will be Bill and Linda after their prolonged adventures with the medical profession back home! Paul and I are compiling the quiz next week.

The campsite is busy and temperatures really warm during the day – up above 25 deg C. I'm prepping for the race meet on St Patrick’s Day. Just the reace course to build whilst Shirl is away. It's like Blue Peter in the awning!!:Sad:

Also surprised to note that 392 hits on the Motorhome Fun Blog for just one entry – Pre Christmas! It's amazing! Thanks to all of our readers for your support and interest. We’ve also had over 25,000 hits on our web blog in the last year. I should advertise! Any advice gratefully received.

Bryan and Jim are coming over for supper tonight and then off to watch Real Madrid v Scumchester Utd at Jorge’s. Lawn Bowls tomorrow and possibly golf with Paul on Friday followed by Happy Hour. Shirl will be back before I know it!!

It was SCORCHIO at bowls. Played rubbish and lost twice!
Out shopping at La Canada today (15th) for more ink and stuff for Bryan’s garden.

El Cortijo tonight for Valentine’s Do. Hoo-rah! Might be feigning illness!:Blush:
All for now,
Look after your mother,

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