Day 107- Fano, Italy - 17 Jun 10

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Hi Clo

Finally made it to the seaside. We left the car park! in Montefalco and Dad couldn’t bear the thought of another 2 days just hanging around on somebody’s farm, so we scratched the trip into the hills & headed off to Fano. Where you ask? A small town about 50 kms south of Rimini. We only picked it cos it was about halfway & we didn’t think it would be too busy. Anyway, we set off from the Sosta and drove off down the hill to Foligno where we expected to pick up the small motorway to Fano. Well, Doc Brown & the Garmin had an off day. All went well till we saw the signs to Ancona – correct road – and we turned a corner, went down a slope & saw a low bridge sign!!!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!. We are 3.25 m and the low motorway bridge was 3.20m!!!!!!!!!!! What to do? I just slowed down to walking pace, got in the middle of the road & crossed my fingers. We edged towards the bridge expecting to hear a graunching from the top box but joy of joys – silence. I had obviously rounded up the height of the wag & box so we must be under 3.20m. Or the bridge people mismeasured. Or probably both.

Anyway, this distracted us so much that in 10 metres the sign to Ancona came up yet Doc Brown was screaming straight on. I followed Doc Brown. Big mistake - another 3.20m bridge!. We got under that and set off out of Foligno towards Fano. This was not the motorway I was expecting & the road got narrower and although was signposting Fano – it showed 154kms & I knew it was about 100kms. What to do? Carried on over a roundabout & should have turned back to Foligno. Road getting narrower + steeper. We decided that we should go back to Foligno but where to turn round. The signposts were showing the motorway ahead but maps didn’t agree. We found a garage & turned around & headed back. Got to the edge of town & found a sign to the SS3 & followed it – under another dodgy bridge & Doc Brown tries to turn us into a builders yard which was right under the motorway we wanted to be on. We ignore that but end up in a suburban street – lost. So we decide to follow nav principle No 1 & go back to a known position. Back to the edge of Foligno and guess what? Yes, the 2 low bridges again!!!! A bit more confident this time & I sail under them both – can’t have been much more that an inch or 2 in it.

Now looking for signs to Ancona as Fano signs have dried up. We get to fork in road. Do we stay on ring road or turn down very slopey hill? Stop. We are now right in middle of 2 lanes with cars piling up behind. No beeping though – must be a usual occurrence – Brit lost again. We sight Eytie walking along street & roll down window shouting ‘Per Ancona’ – he waves hand generally in one direction & we race off. We follow ring road & in 2 minutes are on the SS3 to Fano. Hurrah!! (as you can imagine this whole episode was very fraught, and I am still having treatment for my nervous twitch, but don’t let it worry you Clo. – mum)

Not so. This is the worst road we’ve been on. No traffic but no surface to speak of. Appalling! And my rear-view camera failed at this point so I couldn’t tell if Smartie had bounced off into the bundu. The upshot was that the Garmin was unaware of a recently built major road from Foligno to Fano & tried to take us thru the sticks instead. Could have been much worse – I tell you!

Anyway, we carry on and travelled along some great scenery & hairpin bends – but no traffic at all – just us. Eventually we hit the Autostrada about 30kms outside Fano – and at the turn off – even worse roads! We had to go at 10mph for about a mile before the potholes stopped. Then Doc Brown tries it on again. By now I am Mister Cautious & use my eyes & that saves us driving into a road-works dead-end. We get to the campsite – which is on the beach & guess what another low bridge. I cautiously drive under and mum gets out just to check the overhead clearance which is about 5 ins, does this never end! Luckily though we managed to get one of the last 2 pitches left, so alls well that ends well.

The place is mainly semi-permanent caravans & awnings. It’s a bit basic but the beach is just 20 yds away & its only 4 days. The weather was fine, so we settled in & cycled into Fano for an Aperol. Then it was a BBQ for the first time in ages & then it started to Thunder & Lightning. Luckily no gusty winds so awning was not destroyed but did it rain – for hours. Add to this the trains which pass on the track 50 yds on the other side of the site every 15 minutes and the sea crashing onto the beach and you get the picture. Glad we’re not staying here for 6 weeks!

Went into the big Fano market on Wed and stocked up with mussels, bread & cheese & had an excellent lunch. Anniversary dinner was at the camp restaurant. Mum didn’t fancy cycling home after a skin full. It’s a weird arrangement. Self Service. You go in, pick a table, fill in a form, hand that in & they give you your drinks. Then, when your grub is ready someone calls out your table number on a tannoy and then I go & fetch it on a tray. Take plates back when finished & pay. Crazy!

The swimming pool is free as is internet for 2 hrs per day but so weak I can’t get photos onto the blog. We shall try to insert these in Cervia. We whizzed off today into Fano to a big Auchan & stocked up on vino & other essentials and then did a bit of gardening & replanted veg etc. The garden is looking good.

We are currently sitting in the wag whilst it sort of storms outside- again. It suddenly got really windy; skies darkened & a bit of rain fell. So we are awaiting a decision on the BBQ tonite. It’s either that or a seafood pasta.

OK, time to go. Mum will read this & add a bit no doubt. See you soon


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