Day 1066 – Cabopino 31 Jan 13

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Day 1066 – Cabopino 31 Jan 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.

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Hi Clo,

Well, back into the post-Christmas groove. A bit of normality required. A lot of the blog describing day to day activities can be a bit repetitive, for which I apologise – but the social scene is busy and bears recording.:thumb:

Nevertheless, we hope for less booze, more exercise and fewer late nights. Fat chance I suspect!!

‘ The Only Sue’ arrived on Thursday (3rd) after travelling over 2000 miles from Dover on her own since the 28th. Crazy really, but I suppose she just wanted to get amongst friendly faces. She's off to Morocco on the 15th – all things being equal.

Played Petanca and Lawn Bowls again. It really is very pleasant at Miraflores – and Bryan and I are still unbeaten!

Good night at Mario’s listening to Steve Nelson – ex-Shakatak – and he was very good, playing for 3 hours non-stop. First time we've done a Friday at Mario’s.

Spent the day in Fuengirola (5th) at the very large antique market/boot fair. Then a bit of lunch in the harbour in bright sunshine. Found a few restaurants we hadn’t seen before. Might try it again. Going to plan a trip to Torremolinos, Benalmadena and then the ferry back to Fuengi.

Geoff and Linda set off for the UK today after 2 weeks. Great to see them and really enjoyed their company. Bon voyage and see you next year!:cry:

Paul finally went to the pharmacy and was diagnosed with bronchitis! Told you so! And now he’s on antibiotics.

Cleaned the 'van after taking down the Christmas Decs on 6th. Didn’t bother with the 3 Kings Parade this year as Marbella was disappointing last year. Re-arranged the Casino Night for 19th as Bryan is going home for his sister-in-law’s funeral on Thursday. Up to Mijas for the first time this year. Paul, Jackie and Bryan have never been.

The sun is still beating down and temperatures are rising as the campsite fills up post Christmas. There are very few pitches left and new arrivals need to scratch around to find a pitch.

And your mother is on an INCREDIBLE run of luck. She has won at Petanca, cards, bingo, bowls and is winning again at Fantasy Football! When will it all end? In tears, probably.:Doh:
Bryan drove us all to Mijas Pueblo today and we had an extremely pleasant day wandering about the town. (see piccies).

Got another Petanca International World Challenge to organise for 30th Jan with 24 contestants this time from across Europe!!!! Need to go trophy hunting at the Hipodromo boot fair on Sunday.

Went to see The Hobbit at Fuengirola (9th). Disappointing. Just like watching LOTR again. Too much action and there's only so many Auks I can take. I think we’ll give parts 2 and 3 the swerve.

Drove Bryan to the airport for his short trip home. Paul and Jackie are looking after Sam the Lab. He's really well behaved so it's really not a burden. Went Lawn Bowling on Friday (11th) where Paul and Carole were on top form. She tried out smaller bowls and used a glove. Seemed to work quite well and I think she’ll buy them if she can flog her old ones to Jim.

Blue G and T’s on Friday followed by serious dancing at Mario’s. I think your mother has felt better of a morning!!!!

Sue is off to Morocco this morning (12th) with Cris and a few others via Camping BellaVista near Estapona. They say it's quite nice and modern but no real camp activities like Cabo. We might give it a try for a week next year. Cris says he’ll probably buy the trailer and we’ll Spanish-ify Smartie and leave her here for purely Cabo use. Bryan says he’ll store it for us.

Looks like Carole (Boyfield) and Bryan will be coming out on 3 April for a month and might well stay in Bryan’s place. Will suit them fine. And, Clo, parakeets do exist.

A quiet-ish weekend, mainly spent sunning ourselves and playing Petanca and walking the dog. Nice morning in Marbella walking along the front followed by Tapas. Bryan got back today (15th) and we went to our first quiz of the year.

A day spent in the sun, (17th) at Miraflores Bowls Club where 16 of us played a small competition, which John and Jackie(2) won. Shirl got some new bowls – a bit smaller so easier to handle.

Friday was spent preparing Bryan’s gaff for ‘Casino Royale’ on Saturday. Should be good if the weather passes through in time. Looks OK.

Well, we got everything ready in time and guests/punters started arriving from 7.30. People had made a great effort to join in with the theme and at 8.15 the tables opened. Paul ran the Blackjack and after coming close to having the bank broken a couple of times eventually finished well ahead. The roulette went well and our guests seemed to enjoy the experience – as many had never ever seen the inside of a Casino. John and Kaye won the quiz and Peter and Evelyn won the gambling, amassing over £4M !!!!. We eventually got to bed by 3am and spent today (Sunday) recovering. Brilliant night enjoyed by all. Roll on next year. Hawaiian Night????

And to add to it all the Clarets beat Millwall away and moved up to 7th. Premiership here we come!!!!!!

Social calendar just going crazy now!!!! Sunday (20th) was Petanca and footie at Jorges. Tuesday the Quiz – didn’t win. Wednesday a drive up to Ronda with Bryan, P and J. Gave Darts a miss. Thursday (24th) Lawn Bowls at Miraflores. Friday – Burn’s Night at Eve and John’s. Saturday – Lawn Bowls. Sunday (27th) lunch at Ted and Mary. Monday, Petanca. Tuesday – 60th birthday party at Les Canards and the Quiz. Wednesday (30th) Grand International Petanca Contest. Thursday – Petanca and Friday Lawn Bowls plus Race Night at the Sportsman ------and so it continues. I'm going into hiding.

That's all for now
Well done on the appraisal:thumb:
See you soon
M and D
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