Day 1037 – Cabopino Xmas and New Year – 2 Jan 13

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Day 1037 – Cabopino Xmas and New Year – 2 Jan 13
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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A Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year to All our Friends and Readers.:Smile:

Hi Clo,

Finally made it to Malaga via bus and train to see the Christmas lights, which were advertised by all and sundry as excellent. They were OK but not worth the journey. The lights in Fuengirola we saw from the bus coming back were equally as nice. I think you need young children in tow to really appreciate this sort of thing. Bit like fireworks really. 8 days to Christmas.

Curse that Paul and Jackie and Mad Bryan! Was trying really hard to have a quiet night in and then, suddenly, G and T’s appeared. We then shared chilli and were treated to an infamous rendition of ‘Ring of Fire’. If our new Danish neighbour moved here for some peace and quiet – she’s out of luck – poor girl! A round of apologies this morning…….

Quiet day followed by Paul’s Grand Music Intro Quiz. Great fun guessing the songs from short intros. Nice grub too. Then the camp quiz at Mario’s, which frankly, has now become a test of memory. It is clear that one team swot up on the internet and just re-gurgitate the answers. They win by miles and it's a bit of a farce. Never mind – it's only a bit of fun and we enjoy it anyway. We've won our fair share of quizzes but clearly it's very important for some people’s self-esteem to win by any means. So be it.

Played Lawn Bowls with Bryan, P and J and Mike and Alison. After about 30 minutes thick sea fog crept in and engulfed the rinks. We carried on bravely and enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. I bet Lawn Bowls has never experienced ‘ fog stopped play’ before. (For Paul’s benefit – Bill and Bryan won).

Having trouble with the Giant Urticaria for the first time in over a month. We had a chilli on Monday and I reckon it was the commercial mix I used. I’ll steer clear of these in the future. Or it might be the Panettone Christmas Cake!

Must be Christmas now as a Robin Redbreast flew into the 'van this morning!

Did the final Christmas shopping and were settling down for a ‘quiet’ Friday night in the 'van watching vids. No such luck. As with most days at Cabo, something nice and unexpected happens. Geoff and Linda rang to say they were en-route from Seville and would arrive at 6pm. Cue tapas and fizz and more blue G and T’s. Great to see them both again and they can see Gibraltar and Ceuta from their pitch! A gloriously sunny day – 28 degrees C outside.

Went to musical quiz night at a new bar in Dona Lola with Bryan, Geoff and Linda. Good laugh had by all.

Christmas Eve and we caught the bus into a very foggy Marbella. Another bus into Puerto Banus where the sun was shining down. A pleasant lunch and 7km walk back along the coastal path to Marbella. Ohhhh, my poor feet!!!!

Christmas Day arrived with a thunderclap and light rain but by 1000 it had all gone and the sun came out again with all sea fog blown away. We opened pressies and took Sam his squeaky toy, much to Bryan’s dismay. I have never seen anyone or anything so pleased with a pressie as Sam was. He literally bounced all over the garden squeaking with joy. Really quite amusing.

Then lunch with Geoff and Linda at Da Brunos. It was very enjoyable and we had a great (overpriced) meal. Then on to gatecrash El Cortijo where a load of campers were eating their Christmas Lunch/Dinner. We arrived just as the music started and danced away the next few hours – even getting Bryan onto the dance floor – eventually.

However, somehow I have got myself another cold!! I think it's a fatal strain of Spanish Flu! Or perhaps it's just a sniffle…..probably.:Rofl1:

A couple of quiet days to recover and then Paul and Jackie returned (27th) with talk of cold and rain. They should meet up with Geoff and Linda today so that at least we all know each other before NYE.

Had a mini drama last night. At around 11pm, Shirl switched on the kettle and all the power went. I checked the external power fusebox and there appeared to be no problem. Couldn’t solve the failure, so reported it to reception at 0830. Electrician checked box and found no fault. He did a good job checking all of my plugs and connections to no effect. So it was down to us! I cleared out the forward storage area and discovered that our main fuse had tripped. After re-setting, we tried the kettle and quickly discovered the problem. It was a new kettle from Go, so I'm surprised it failed so quickly. Therefore, it's off to the shit-shop for a new kettle today.

New kettle installed and all is well again. Went bowling without P and J as Paul is suffering with Man-Flu. Mine has just about gone but Shirl thrashed me 23-18 – after I was 12-4 up at one stage!!! She remains the champion. She must be on a roll as we won 3 games of Pentanca today as well. Can't last!

Paella Sunday (30th) and a roulette practice in the bright sunshine. It really has been very warm here for the past fortnight and our tan is improving. We await NYE and hope that all of the sickies recover in time. We celebrate NZ New Year at midday today (31st) as we have a couple from down under on site.

Down to the harbour last night (NYE) for a quick blue G and T and then into Albert’s with Paul, Jackie, Geoff and Linda. A good time had by all and we rolled in without a toe in the Med. However, Carole and Bryan and loads of other crazies went swimming off the beach at Cabo at midday on New Year’s Day. Carole said it wasn’t too bad but she got swamped again and got wetter than planned. Brave girl. As for Bryan – the no sense –no feeling rule applies!

Well, that's Christmas over again for another year and now for some sensible living. Less eating and less spending to get back on the straight and narrow.

Hope you had a great time and that this New Year brings you every happiness (and a pay rise!):Wink:

See you in February,
M and D

One sad footnote: Bryan’s sister-in-law died this morning after heart surgery. Deepest commiserations.:sorry2:
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