Day 1020 – Cabopino Pre-Christmas – 16 Dec 12

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Day 1020 – Cabopino Pre-Christmas – 16 Dec 12
Primarily this blog is aimed at keeping our daughter in the UK, Chloe, abreast of our adventures in Europe. Additionally, we hope that other readers will find snippets of info regarding campsites, prices and foreign travel interesting or perhaps just informative.
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Hi Clo,

Well, you’ll be home after your short visit and we are back to normal. We gave the 'van a good Spring Clean and have been obliterating ants which have appeared in small numbers. My STRONG advice to any motorhomer is – have no mercy at all with any ant and take extensive steps to find their nest or source and destroy it. You do not want ants in the 'van. We had them once in Vilanova and it's an experience not to be repeated.

Weather is nice and we are well settled in now. Paul has developed a very stiff shoulder and is immobilised as a result. This affects him more than most as he is extremely fit and active and sitting around does not go easily with him. We all hope that it's not a ‘Frozen Shoulder’ and that he recovers quickly. ( PS: Luckily it got better after a wrenching by Manu).

Took our entries for the Erotic Tapas Route into the Tourist Office in Fuengirola and maybe we’ll get lucky and win a Cruise!!!! Fat Chance!!! They gave us some gizzits – a coffee mug and some other stuff. The Ruta Erotica was great fun anyway and we’ll do it again next year!

Well, I eventually got my 2 CDs ordered from Amazon. They were delivered by the courier on the 14th according to tracking. They weren’t in the pigeon holes by Friday, so I asked at the desk. Not there! Neither in the area reserved for mail that is signed for. So, I waited till Monday and still no show - and reception didn’t have it. Only assumption I could make was that someone had ‘mistakenly’ picked it up. I resigned myself to losing the CDs – which was annoying. However, on the 21st, Carole checked again with the senior receptionist – and sure enough, hidden in a cupboard under the desk was the package – clearly marked from Amazon. I wonder how it got there? I have my suspicions.

I’ve said it before, Cabopino is a great site, but reception is its one weakness.

Paid for our first month today, 21st. Worked out with 5% discount for Cabopino Club Membership and long stay reduction at €13.53 (£11.18) per day. Not too bad with 16 amp electricity included and all of the activities, excellent harbour, 2 pools, hardstanding, close to Marbs and Fuengi and free BBQ in Feb. We like it.

Went up to Miraflores Lawn Bowls Club with Shirl. (€8 all day). She had a quick lesson and then we played 21 ends. It was 18 all coming into the last end. I rolled a beauty into 15 inches but Shirl was victorious and slid in a 12 incher!!! She should be so lucky!

So, she was back bowling again with the girls on Friday and back down to earth with a bump – losing to Eve and Carol. Saturday was ‘big shop’ day and that brings me onto ‘begging’.

There is a bloke who sits outside LIDL on a daily basis. He presents a pathetic and wretched sight with his cardboard sign and doleful look. I give him a small donation each time we visit and he is surprisingly grateful, compared to most beggars who ignore you. We try to imagine where he must live? We think he probably has a villa with 2 swimming pools and a big BMW. I wonder how he keeps his valuable pitch – does he have ‘protection’ so that others don’t muscle in? We have seen beggary squabbles and I wonder whether he is part of a bigger begging scam or is he really genuine? We know the African beach sellers are part of money laundering from drug dealing – but what about the begging? It's difficult to know the truth – so I salve my conscience with a few cents each time I see him. :Doh:

Paella Sunday (25th) looms with Brian coming over after Petanca. Darren has now returned to the UK and he is on his own again. Paul and I convinced Bryan that it would be a good idea to hold a Casino Royale night – using his pad! No coercion was used – well not much really. Paul and I are now collecting the gambling implements which can be obtained from the local shit-shop and Amazon. Planned for 29th Dec – should be fun.

Quiz tonight and after 5 wins in a row, we are adopting a low profile…….Thank God!..we lost.

Drove up to Miraflores Bowls Club with Paul and Jackie for a game. Had 15 ends and it was very close so the score isn’t worth mentioning (20-4 to me and Shirl) but we won't dwell on the size of the victory at all – not much!!!!!!!!!!

Then in the evening to a farewell do at Eve and John’s as Eve is flying back for Christmas today (30th). As usual a great party and we met some more very nice people.

Talking of which loads of Funsters dropped by today. Well, Littlest Hobo – Peter arrived on site with Jackie. Nice to see him again. Then Julie of Bob and Jules sent a PM after spotting Shirl from a photo on our blog. Then Steffie from KseBruce popped in for a chat after seeing that we were in Cabopino on our blog. They are off to Zahora – Bon Voyage. Also met Crizatuk properly at Eve and John’s party, and discovered that he’s a fellow Falklands Veteran, who is flitting off to Morocco in January but lurking here in Cabo till then. Not to mention Itinerant Pete – but not sure if he’s here or in the ether. Nice to have met you all. Makes it all worthwhile.

Harry’s Bar with a big crowd on Friday (30th) but DIDN’T WIN! Woe, woe, thrice woe! But Paul and Carole did, so that eased the pain. Won't go again till at least the NY – the landlord is just too unfriendly to be amusing anymore! The quiz lady is great – but he’s a ‘charmless nurk’ – to quote another famous Fletcher!

Watched England thrash NZ in the rugby (1st) whilst Carole and Jackie bussed into Fuengirola to shop in the Miramar Centre. We bussed in later and met them in a bar they had anchored themselves in off the church square. It was called the ‘Gin Bar’ and sold about 30 differing brands of gin. Excellent but not cheap. We then moved onto a bar we spotted on the first floor on the main street called ‘Lola’s’. I think it was a private party but that didn’t stop Carole and Jackie bopping around for an hour. Then on to El Toston for tapas and the last bus home, where Jackie and I won the World Crib Championship whilst waking up the neighbours at 1pm. A good night had by all. No booze till next Friday.

Well, that lasted a long time. Only Tuesday and Hughie, the quizmaster, has a birthday bash at 5pm. It's impossible to be good here!! So, we fell off the wagon! Surprise, Surprise!

Went to the quiz but didn’t eat. We had a Strog at home, only after Bryan knocked on the awning, breathless! He had locked himself out of his car in Elviria and Sam the Dog was still inside. He needed a lift back to the car with some coat hangers to try and spring the lock. However, after 45minutes nugatory effort, we eventually gave up and Bryan broke in via the quarter lite. Sam was unmoved and luckily the rear door lock was not electronically locked – as was the front door! Lesson learned. Maybe!

Came 2nd in the quiz – blowing it on the last round. Our knowledge of British Tourist Attractions is not what it should be!

On Wed (5th) we had the 3rd Cabopino World Petanca Champs. 16 regular Petanca players turned out for a round robin, and after some close fought matches, Jackie and I won a tense final against Inga and Alison. Thanks everyone for taking part and refereeing. Back next year for the hat-trick!:BigGrin:

Bryan and John came round for Bangers n” Mash – yum - and we taught Bryan how to play Cribbage for next weeks’ tourney. Of course Bryan won and we owe him €15000.

Lawn Bowls today (6th) with P and J and Mike and Alison. Carole’s team was narrowly defeated by Bill’s. No wonder I'm not getting any!!!
It gets worse. Played cards last night round at Carole and Jim’s and won again! I must buy a lottery ticket for El Gordo! Never had such a winning streak. Perhaps the Clarets can pick up the habit! (not likely)
However, it's raining this morning (7th) but remains warm. Shirl went out into the rain to do Yoga well wrapped up whilst I lingered in my pit! Then we invaded Bryan and practised our BlackJack for the Casino Night on the 29th. I think we are getting the hang of it. I think Jackie is hooked! We’ll do the Roulette when the baize arrives next week.

Then a quick G and T at Jorge’s with P and J turned into an event which ended at midnight! Even Boring Brian’s Bar in the Square had people in it! Paella Sunday tomorrow with Ted and Mary. Hope the weather holds. The rain has disappeared and it's looks good for the next fortnight.

Paella Sunday worked out fine. Nice company and Ted brought in his sherry from Cadiz in 2 litre bottles. It really is MUCH nicer than the commercial bottled stuff we buy in the UK. We did extensive taste tests to prove as much! Then Mad Bryan(2) brought in the port. Luckily we had to go and watch the footie at 5pm or we'd still be there!

Then a 23 point swing to Shirl in the Fantasy Football to put her back in the lead! Curse you Fernando Torres!

Walked the ½ mile up to El Cortijo or ‘Frank’s German Schnitzel Restaurant’ in Las Chapas with 16 others to ‘dine-out’ Jim and Carole as they depart for the UK on Friday (14th). Carole is going to India and Australia so we will see precious little of her this Spring. Bon Voyage.

Talking of which we heard today that Pat and Maria are not going to make it to Cabopino this year. They are off to see relatives in South Africa in February, so the extra travelling from Benicasim is just not feasible – especially as Maria and Pat are still in recovery. Bon Voyage.

Speaking of which, we hear that The Only Sue is arriving in early January to spend a few days at Cabo en-route to Morocco with a crowd of Funsters. Bon Voyage.

In addition, Geoff and Linda set off from the UK next week en-route to Cabo via differing points in Spain for 2 weeks at Christmas. Bon Voyage.

The quiz is getting really close. Only one point separated the top 3. Second again this week!
Well, 12-12-12-12-12-12 came and went……..(12th).:Rofl1:

Played in a mini-Crib tournament organised by Bob of Les Canards. And, luckily, parity is restored in the Goodwin household as Paul won the title. However, Jackie will NOT let Paul wear her Gold Medal from the Petanca. Although, his winning streak continues, as he won the Lawn Bowls mini tournament on Thursday up at Miraflores and Clag on Friday night after more Blue G and T’s. Got any synonyms for ‘unbearable’. Oh yes – insufferable, unendurable, painfully smug. That's about right! We're as bad as eachother!:RollEyes:

Supposed to be going into Malaga today to see the Christmas lights and meet up with Huffy, but the weather is not pleasant, so it's been postponed to a sunnier day. Shame.

Well, the build up to Christmas has really started. People are drifting home and others arrive. We’ve booked for Alberts for NYE so that should be fun. Add that to Christmas Eve in Puerto Banus and Da Bruno’s on Christmas Day and we will be skint!

Have a safe trip up to Malham
Have a great Christmas
M and D

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