Count down to Malvern

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I have printed of the packing list yet again made a few amendments and it is now 3 pages long. That is without all the hand made note of things we remembered, I did say 'we' as it is amazing how much more the boss can find to fit on the RV. The RV as some of you know iks a small American Winnibago.. I keep telling her the slide out cannot handle all of the weight in the lockers above the table and under the seats. So we move it about for god knows how many times.

There are more ways to pack an RV than I ever thought. We were discussing this over dinner last night (I cooked it as the boss was doing one of her two days each week)... the subject was packing it in to the RV.. we thought about it and it reminded us when we used to do toy fairs years ago.. yes I was a trader and that paid for me to get through university taking my law degree and we did do it part time for 27 years and no it did not take that long at university.. just a bug of collecting models and toy trucks and z gauge trains etc., what better way than being a dealer to get the best before anyone else got a look in... selfish I know but that is life as is being a retired lawyer... I have heard all the jokes thank you. The differance between me and a vulture is I get frequent flyer miles when I fly. Plus Sharks do not bit me as it is a professional thing. - Just a differnet breed of pond life.

Anyway I digress as usual... we remembered how we set out the stall and then she the boss said it is like the traders at the motorhome shows that seem to always set out there pitch the same way. So that went back to loading the RV and how we set up at shows. Do we have a system.. yes I shout and we argue.. but it all gets sorted in the end. Yes the RV is still got to much gear on it and even with the daughter, son in law and his kids why do we need 40 cans of drink for a long weekend.

We have a massive American Fridge and Freezer and a Dometic cool box and still we have to find more holes in the camper for the food. No we are not feeding the 5,000 just 6 of us. Oh happy days.. well off at 4 a.m. to Malvern on Thursday morning, looks as it may be another warm weekend at the show. Plus coming home with an empty wallet.:Blush:
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