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It is a source of constant amusement (or irritation) that every time we are finally organised and get ourselves to the local town or village to explore by foot they are closed for lunch. Their lunch break is a socking two or two and a half hours long! 12-2 or 12-2.30. I admire their insistence of this wonderful life/work balance and envy their long lunches with wine flowing and a siesta afterwards. We've seen them leaving cafes mid afternoon and rolling into their cars and presumably going back to work.
What perplexes us is where they go - as quite often hostelries/cafes /bars were deserted; they can't all go home for lunch can they? We don't see traffic coming and going either. Its like the lunch fairy has waved her wand and everything just freezes.
On a Saturday in Langres we were truly mystified as even then it was deserted - and this at 11am. Together with the foggy weather there was truly a post apocalyptic feel to the experience. We sat in a café and drank hot chocolate till we cheered up enough to find our way back to Lenny where we watched a French film with French subtitles to feel intellectual.
However earlier on we were amused to see this plaque bridge plaque.jpg
in front of this charming unsuspecting bridge
bridge smelly.jpg
which gave us a giggle.
(Martin has just reminded me this was actually in Langres which accounts for the lack of fog.)

Martin has started juggling again which is great for his Parkinson's.
He has a head start as he was very good in the 80s when we were children's entertainers. (well I was, he never gave up his day job - we were Jugging Jac and Professor Spaghetti)
Meanwhile I enjoy the keyboard more and more - possibly because it's such a faff to get me sat on three cushions and plugged in etc that I have to make the most of it when I'm keyboard.jpg imprisoned in the corner.

We finally decided if we drove to a different part of the country it might stop raining.
It did very briefly.
We went to Saulieu (Cote D'Or).
A cheerful welcoming sign awaited us: saulieu sign - Copy.jpg
We went culture hunting and found (at lunch time!) an art studio just about to shut. The artist Dirk kindly showed us his work and we bought a water colour of the Cafe Parisien which was round the corner. pic 2.jpg
I wanted to have a drink there so I could remember it when I looked at the picture at home but Martin said it would be too much trouble to find the people in the picture again and put them in the right seats so we didn't.
Afterwards we found this advert of the café on a building - very classy. building advert saulieu.jpg
Speaking of old buildings, the artist told us of his latest inspiration and urged us to go and see this derelict house which he was painting. corner house saulieu.jpg
I love the way houses are just left to disintegrate.
Here is another fine example:
falling down house saulieu.jpg
.I didn't actually drive down this street
narrow road saulieu.jpg
but have driven down some like it (In Bristol last week on a steep gradient and then had to turn at the top but that is another story)

While looking on a map I realise the Central Massif was not far away and hey! how about we drive over there and I try some spring skiing?

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