Classifieds at last

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Well that's the last of the items I wanted on the forum. Photo Gallery, A Blog, A Review Section and a proper classified section. I have been spending far too much time building the site, but hopefully I can now get on with some real work that will pays me in money rather than Fun.

Its been a great learning curve, even if at times its been a bit steep, its hard to believe that 2 months ago I new absolutely nothing about running forums, let alone building your own. I have missed Bryan's help this last 10 days or so, but I am sure he will be back here bouncing around soon.

The effort and enthusiasm of the members here is very encouraging, because they now have the biggest job of all, which is building our content, however judging by the efforts of the last month I think we will cruise it.

I have still got to switch servers, but I will be waiting for Bryan to be back before I attempt that,:Err::Eek!: but once that is done, I can then turn my attention to marketing the site rather than building it. Watch this space...:BigGrin:
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