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I know I said that Saturday my ‘Partner was going to spend some of my money on a new two-seater leather recliner sofa, that didn’t happen until Sunday afternoon.
There’s a fourteen-week delivery time, I was only expecting four at the most.
Every so often I like to take the van out for an airing, its about every four to six weeks I will drive it somewhere just so the leisure battery gets a charge, I never, like some people about these parts who own caravans parked on their driveways leave the leisure battery plugged into the mains all winter.

Saturday again we were busy going here there and everywhere.
Late afternoon we ended up at our local garden centre ‘Lanes.
Didn’t buy anything but my ‘Partners daughters son and his friend fed the animals.
See pictures below.
Saturday night we spent from eight-thirty to eleven in our local workingmen’s club.
Every Saturday night there’s an artist, male and sometimes a female, interspersed with three games of bingo.

Sunday night we went dancing at the Polish club again, we liked it that much last week we thought we would give it another go.
There were more people there this Sunday night as appose to the other Sunday but still enjoyable.

It’s my ‘Partners birthday coming up and basically I was stumped to what to buy her, I bought her perfume for Valentines Day.
We were in Tesco’s on Sunday and I happen to spot a nice 22-inch flat screen television [white] and said that would look nice in our bedroom, my ‘Partner said you could buy me that for my birthday…so I did.

Today [Monday] I went first thing to Tesco’t to buy a swivel and tilt wall bracket, an aerial and fixings from Wilkinson’s.
Spent two hours in my loft fixing said aerial, and television bracket to bedroom wall.

The owner of that site I got banned from is now insisting all members alter their email address’s to their internet providers, no hotmail or Google mail or similar to be used.
Have a look for yourselves…
I have no problem with the site in fact it’s a good local one but it’s the owner I don’t like anymore.


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