Car Park rage!

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Poor old Brian36 he’s having a torrid time at the moment, the two administrators and a normal member [firbeck] are having a right go at him.
From what I have been reading it looks like Brian is just wanting to get on with things but those three aren’t letting him, it appears no matter what Brian says he’s not believed and now the bill payer is wanting all members who’s had a PM off him to send them to him, it looks like the bill payer thinks I’m Brian36 and is gathering the evidence so he can send the police around to mine again, is that me being paranoid?
If you are wondering what I’m on about read the first few blogs I did, that will tell you that I got banned from that site because I said a few things in the blog section that certain members didn’t like, by the way those members who complained haven’t posted for quit a few weeks…
I’ve come to the conclusion I’m better off out of it, the site and certain members have become paranoid…its not a site that I would feel proud of being a member of anymore.

I went to Home Bargains this morning in the Picasso and as I turned into their car park several cars had stopped in front of me meaning I was blocking the on coming traffic.
They had stopped to let other drivers in front of them park.
I was only stopped for a few seconds and then the car in front of me moved up one car length, that meant I was half way in and half way out of the car park.
The car in front of me was letting another motorist park his car in a narrow space, it looked to me as if the bloke who was driving had parked and I couldn’t see why the car in front of me was still stationary, I waited ten seconds or thereabouts and then I decided to overtake the stationary car, I parked up and the woman who was driving the car I had just overtook pulled along side of me while I was making my way to the entrance of the store, I didn’t catch what she said to me but I did lip read her calling me a twat, I ignored her and carried on walking to the store entrance, she then behind my back tried to run me over, she clipped me with her front wing and the cars wing mirror hit my wrist, I stopped and said to her I’m going to report her to the police.
She made a quick exit to the exit, pity I didn’t get her number plate, I asked two older women who were unloading their shopping into their car if they had seen what she had done, they both said they heard the bang but didn’t see me being hit by her.
I won’t forget the colour of the car but the make escapes me.

Bip. :thumb:
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