Broke Brakes

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Having already swapped one rear wheel brake cylinder, which, in itself was a pretty easy job, I decided I needed to bleed the rest of the system and change the fluid, having no idea how old it was. This is what prompted the cylinder change. I looked for the bleed nipple and found none. After a bit of investigation I realised this was because it had been sheared off. Fortunately, wheel cylinders on the Vazulagon are only £10 or so. A few hours of finding out how to do things and cleaning up and checking and the NSR wheel was declared OK. This was a few days back. Then I decided to do the bleeding. OSR bleed nipple won't take an 8mm spanner. Hmm? 7mm? No. It's been rounded off. Even using "Ultimo Ratio Mechanics" the Mole Grip, it wouldn't move so a new one was needed. So, yesterday I started on swapping the OSR. Take wheel off, take drum off OK, check pads, dust etc., everything OK so far. Undo wheel cylinder, yes the bolts undo OK. Undo nipple on brake pipe - no. The nipple undoes but the pipe is stuck to the nipple, so by the time I've undone it the pipe has made 6 revolutions and now looks like a threaded corkscrew. Remove pipe, make up new pipe hoping cheap flaring tool does the job. I must get a proper quality one because I know I'm going to need it again sooner or later, one of the cars being a likely candidate as I'm sure I got an advisory on an MOT about a brake pipe on it. Anyway, back together and just (just - ha!) need to bleed the brakes again. Interestingly though, on checking the old cylinder one piston appears to be seized and the brake fluid that came out looked like rust so maybe I will have solved the "supertanker" brake issue.
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