Brittany 2012

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Day 6 – started as usual with leaden skies and persisting rain! We planned a longer run today so we might be closer to our friends and set off for St Aignan sur Roe and the Etang de la Guiardiere that promised to be a pretty spot. Sadly the place was overrun with a cycle cross competition and the pitches near the lake were taken by the competitors stands, or occupied by muddy velocipedes and their clarted riders, the only place to stay was in the car park – not a pleasant spot, so like a mongrel who marks his spot, we emptied our grey water tank at the borne and set off for Nozay, which is where we are at present. This aire is situated by a lake and in summer would be impossible to get on, even tonight on a wet night in October the place is half full. Although not free the aire provides unlimited electric for your 5 euros, but no one came to collect the fee.
(Sadly no pictures to accompany this entry)

Day 7 – “Ille fait pleu” seems to be the start of every day and this one is no exception though as we head for Redon the sun comes out and although the breeze is cool it is definitely our second good day. We park alongside the marina and avail ourselves of emptying grey water tank, cassette and refilling our fresh water tank to the brim at no cost. “I love the French,” it is great to be welcomed in a motorhome rather than being treated as a nuisance as we are in England. A walk round the town confirms nothing has changed since our last visit four years ago. We nip in to the Patissier treat ourselves to a sticky bun each and return to “The Beastie” for a coffee. Suitably refreshed we set off for Malestroit a beautiful little town where the river and canal meet. Arriving in the centre of town we find a vintage car show so I stopped and took a few photo’s....................... nearly half the cars were UK classics with a few French ones thrown in for good measure but as I know nothing about French cars I took no photos.
There are three aires in Maletroit but without doubt the most attractive is the one by the canal, but it offers no facilities, but as we took care of all that at Redon it’s not a problem. We have the canal to our left and open fields to our right so I hope I might manage a few wildlife shots.
Being British there is a sense of smugness about being by the Nantes Brest canal for without the success of the Royal Navy in harassing French shipping Napoleon ordered the canal built, consequently we have a beautiful canal to walk/cycle/boat along amidst beautiful scenery.
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