Brittany 2012 (2)

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Day 3 –
Not long after writing Day 1 – 3 we had a visitor, Mel (Heyupluv), only popped in for a short visit but stayed nearly two hours as I introduced him to “The Beastie” and he explained how most of the extras that came with her, but had time to explore, work. Thanks to Mel I discovered I possessed a mains tester and from the odds in the garage I was, with his instruction, able to make an ehu adapter lead to return negative polarity back to positive polarity.
We then explored the TV and sat dish and sky receiver and with a little effort I might be able to watch T.V though not sure I want to be inflicted with Emmerdale and Corrie; at home I can escape them but not so easy in the motorhome.
We have not had TV in our motorhome before and have found the absence of a TV an opportunity to catch up on conversations we never seem to have time for at home, a surfeit of TV would destroy that.

The weather at Nuncq Hautecote led us to think we could have a sunny holiday, at night and all through day 4 it has rained incessantly and as we sit here at La Mailleraye sur Seine the passing ships are distorted as we watch them through an ever increasing pattern of rain drops.
But the day was not without charm, as we pulled over so I could secure the ehu cover and Sue searched for her phone, I went off for a stroll and just next to where we parked was this old water mill situated on the bridge over the river at Hardinval (Doullins). Despite many attempts this was the best view I could find but it thrilled my love of all (some) things French.
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