Britainia Inn

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Went to the Brit today it's on the corner of the A390 and the A 3082, just before you turn to the Cornish Market World

I had a "Brit Burger" with extra Cheese and Bacon, Mrs R the Steak and Ale Pie
The pie was definately home made, you could tell by the depth of the pie and more importantly by the crimping.
My Burger was excellent, Home made meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, and the Bacon and cheese extra, complete with a lightly toasted bun. All topped off with marvellous chunky chips.
Maureens Pie and Veg accompliment was delicious
not the usual "Home Made " which you soon realise was straight out of the chiller at Asda,Tesco!!

The Dining Room has recently been upgraded, and could be described as "swish". Staff were friendly professional, The Carpark M/H friendly, heaps of room!

With the ubicquitous pint of real ale and a 175 of white wine, under £25
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