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I was thinking to myself the other night, why was I hiding the name of the local site I got banned from, hey, it hasn’t done me any favours so why should I keep the name from you.
In my previous post I said that the bill payer had closed the site due to his number one night watchman and golden boy Beefstake threw a brick smashing his best glass crystal.
I just happen to click on the site yesterday afternoon and lo and behold the site was back up albeit only briefly, that’s right the bill payer is now closing the site in the late evening and opening it again sometime in the late morning, how long this will go on for is anyone’s guess, probably until he has recruited another sap for the fire watch shift.
Sorry nearly forgot to tell you the sites name, it’s…

I was up early yesterday only because my live in lady friend had made an appointment at a local garage to have her car serviced and a MOT carried out at the same time.
She would have normally been at work yesterday [Thursday] but her employer gave her the day off because she still wasn’t feeling too good.
Needless to say the car passed with flying colours, well it should do, the cars only three years old and done thirty-three thousand miles.
I followed her to the garage in my Picasso so as she didn’t have the long walk back hence me getting up early, normally I wouldn’t have got out of bed until nine.

I retired at the end of the year in 1999 after working for the same firm for thirty-seven years. I receive a good pension, enough to live comfortable on without having to look for a part time job to supplement my pension.

In 2005 my wife god bless her was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, she did have an operation to remove the cancer but as I said earlier it was that advanced the surgeon couldn’t without killing her.
He thought at the time it was best to leave it in place, he did put a couple of stints in the pancreas to relieve the discomfort but they only relieved the symptoms for a short time. She died four months later peacefully while I was lying next to her, that’s one evening that I hope I will never ever have to go through again.

For the last nine months I have had a live in lady friend.
Before she came along I had had several light flings, one was with a married lady who told me her husband was useless in bed and was in the process of divorcing him.
That ended suddenly one evening after eight months of just sex.

Another of my flings was with a lady who lived in Kent, I now it’s a long way to Kent from Nottingham but having a MH helped, I would park up in one of the roads just off the promenade, I forget the name of the road at this time but for those who know Herne Bay well, the road in question is at the north end, it runs parallel and above the level of the promenade.
Basically I treated those trips down there as a holiday break, the longest I stopped was nine days and ever night I went to bed in the Van alone, she wasn’t that sort of lady who readily jumped into bed with the first male she had in her flat..
She did come back home with me one bank holiday, we had a few good days here, and she did on that occasion sleep in my bed.
On the Monday evening I drove her back to Herne Bay in my Picasso, I stopped at her flat until nine PM and then drove back.
That romance ended suddenly over a miss understanding, basically we had a few words and I left and when I asked her to let me in her flat the next day she refused.
I wrote a couple of letters and posted them personally through the flats letter box while she was out at her morning job, but still to no avail, she still refused to see me again, I couldn’t use my mobile phone to contact her because I couldn’t get a signal on my Orange net work pay as you go phone, since then I’ve changed to 02.
From the time I left Herne Bay for home on the night I decided I was wasting my time with this woman I was texting her once or twice a week asking if I could come down to see her again, and every time she text back she never gave me a straight answer to my question, in the end I stopped texting, I thought it was over.

On my first day out with my currant lady friend I got a text message from the lady in Hearne Bay asking why I wasn’t texting her anymore, I was gob smacked, I had thought from the texts I was getting off her months ago that she was only replying to my texts just to be polite.
I asked her to give me her email address and we talked to each other by that method.
It was obvious by what she was saying she wanted me back but unfortunately for her I have in the mean time fallen in love with my live in lady friend, I am very happy at the present so I told her its over between us, she didn’t take it to well and promised me the earth to go back with her, she even threatened me at one time she would travel up to Nottingham to stir things up between me and my live in lady friend.
That never happened that god, in the end she accepted that it was over and I haven’t heard from her since.

In-between the sex starved nymphomaniac and the lady down in Kent I had two more dates with women, one was a one night stand, no sex was involved, the other was with a lady who frequented my local club, she worked there as a part time bar maid.
With her I had to insult her to get rid, she didn’t readily take no for an answer.

We are out tonight, meeting another couple for a few drinks in the Poacher on Mansfield road Nottingham, I’m driving there and she will drive back which I find a very good arrangement, what man wouldn’t.

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