Boring Sunday

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After three attempts I manage to get on line. AOL is playing up yet again.. so whats new. Try to check on line banking and the Abbey site is down. So I go to motorhome fun... lots of people on line, but the posts in the whole are boing today. Check and noted that 25 of us are going to Lincoln. So I am bored. I know head to my blog and tell the world what my feelings are to day.

Well, other than a boring day (it seems at 10.43 a.m) I am thinking, do I really want to go out to the RV and hoover (or get the boss to do it) the floor where we shampooed it yesterday. Do I want to hunt for my belt buckle that I must have put away safe on the RV when I purchased another one cheaply at Malvern.. see I can do cheap. Nice heavy buckle on one of the Indian stools at £10 and the lady said give me £5 for it.. so I did... How I wish everything else that weekend was as cheap.

No I am not spending at Bath & West, well need to pick up the spare fire basket for the Cobb unit I ordered so I can keep it going long by just switching in a new cobb stone while the residual heat cools for disposal of the old one in use (not hot enough to cook on but enough to melt a bucket or set fire to the grass).

I need some more of that thin toilet paper (as off to France again in the early months of 2011) before I go to any more shows. .. mind you we have to renew the passports in November.. now the cost of them is a joke. HMG have us by the perverbal balls.

Plus I need so more cable ties... that is all.

Where was I? I digress yet again as I do in my bloggs, a real Ronnie Corbet at heart. Anyway boring Sunday. I can hear the hoover in the house going full blast as Sue cleans up before a friend comes to dinner. Me I am sitting in my office with the door open (15' away from the house.. yes it is a proper office on it's own - not a shed)... no Ezzie sticking a wet nose on my arm.. just love that when a Saint Bernard with all the slobber leans her head on your arm.. but I miss it when she is not following me about.. I expect she is on the settee in the lounge snoring away. - see lazy Sunday.

Rain due in Kent they say later? just washed the RV so it has to rain.

Oh well lets go back to the Motorhome fun Forums and see who I can wind up this morning.. feel evil.... that is because I am bored.
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