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Having recently been banned from a local web site run by someone I considered once as a friend I find myself at a loss, hence the start of a new blog.

Its bill payer has now closed the site in question albeit temporally after his main night watchman disagreed with how he was running it, he now has nobody he can rely on to monitor unsavoury posts that were being posted by a previous Administrator who found himself like I being banned because of a witch hunt held by certain narrow minded individuals.

I joined the site back in 2005 just before my wife of 35years died of Pancreatic cancer.
I started out as one does as an ordinary member; it wasn’t until a previous Administrator was kicked off the site [as mentioned above] by the bill payer that I was promoted to the heady heights of Moderator.
It wasn’t long after that promotion that I was asked if I fancied filling the boots of the previous Administrator of which I accepted gladly.
All was going swimmingly until a certain member who I won’t name started to complain to the bill payer that certain comments I was making in my blog area didn’t quite sit well with him.
Cutting a long story short a witch-hunt was held and the bill payer foolishly listened to the few and I got banned, but before I did I got demoted to Moderator, I refused to accept that position and told the bill payer were he could shove it.

After I was banned I reregistered several accounts under different user names so as I could still post on forums of interest, but that didn’t last long, I was quickly disclosed and my accounts got cancelled.
Just before the bill payer closed the site there were some funny goings on, for instance, one lady who hadn’t been on the site for some time said innocently ‘where had my Blog gone? She also said ‘she enjoyed reading it.
Those remarks came at the end of her posting, the next time I reread her post those remarks had disappeared.
It was the same for another member, one of his posts disappeared altogether and from what I have been told of it he was supporting me saying he disagreed with the way I was treated.
Another Moderator and a friend got the similar treatment, he got the Moderating job took off him because he was a drinking buddy of mine.
He put it more succinctly, he was found guilty by association.

I can only draw one conclusion from all of this, the bill payer got panicky, he started to censor individuals comments, anything that members said regarding my blog and me got the finger of god on it.
I have tried to have it out with him but as yet he’s not answering my emails.
He’s tried to intimidate me with saying all my emails have been handed over to the police, as if they would be interested, he also as said that I have threatened him.
This individual is a dictator and an oppressor, someone who in their informative years must have been abandoned by one or both of his parents hence the insecurity and abandonment he’s feeling right now.
I have much more to say on this subject but I reckon I should leave it there and concentrate on my new Blog.

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