Being a scrapman

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So I said I would spill the beans.

Many many years ago I was scrapping with my brother in law. We used to use a J2 truck.. At this time I used to do a bit of buying and selling cars. I had a set of trade plates.

One day we were collecting scrap in not the nicest place in a town in the South East.. I was driving the J2 and had only so far that day managed to pick up an old fridge.

A jam sandwich (police car with red strip on the side) pulled in front of me and I stopped.. he wanted to know what I had trade plates on for?

What else? I did not have road tax..idiot...

Anyway I get stuck on for illegal use of trade plates.. now in those days that was serious bread as a fine. So I employed a solicitor and barrister .. see why I became a lawyer in later life:Blush:

Anyway we end up in court and my barrister says I was a breakdown truck as I had a compressor on the back... the copper says it was a fridge.. yes it was a fridge but the fridge had a compressor in it.

The barrister found an old case of a bread company running that defence and yes I got off.

Asked for costs.. but the magistrate refused as he thought I had got away on the technical part of the law.

So as a scrap merchant in those days I can say I worked very hard and in the most I was honest.. well some times.

that is only one chapter of my life....

now has that made anyone fall a sleep this time I wonder?
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