Bailey 745; update

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Went for a first weekend away and managed to choose the weekend with storms, snow and gale force winds.

The Alde heating works ok but is not as good at drying wet walking clothes as the Truma blown air system we had before in the previous MH.

Bailey have put a radiator under the floor by the habitation door to provide an 'air curtain' of warm air BUT for some perverse reason the radiator is open to the outside world so we had a force 9 gale blasting up through the vents. There is more than one use for walking socks.

A further 'character feature' is the grey water outlet so low that a bucket won't fit under it and the rear wheel coats it in mud and road dirt. It is also very slow emptying but I have taken the tap to bits and removed a restrictor and filed out the hole to double flow rate.
My next project will be to replace a section of the rigid outlet pipe with some flexible pipe so that I can raise it enough when I need to empty grey water into a container for disposal.
Most of the MH is really good and comfortable, it's good to drive BUT the little niggles suggest the designers do not spend enough time actually using their products in a range of conditions.
More to follow!
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