Bailey 745 Autograph - initial thoughts

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We have just replaced our Chausson Flash 08 with a new Bailey. These are some initial thoughts and observations;

Seems quite well screwed together but will need a bit of work to adapt to our requirements.

The 'book' user payload is only 371kg which is not really adequate so we have had it put on the stronger chassis and plated at 3850kg which gives a nominal 700kg+ which will be plenty.

The table is a 13kg monster. I have removed it and replaced with a removable Fiamma socket/leg with a 600mm square table top. Light and easy and allows proper use of the L shaped seating. If we take grand kids and need the front bed then the table goes back.

The low line Alko chassis gives a really nice ride BUT as a consequence the outlet for grey water is less than 6" off the ground which will be fine with a suitable drain but virtually impossible to get any thing underneath.

Being on Pug base there are no day running lights unlike the Ducato out of the same factory.

More to follow when we have given it a proper run out!
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