Badger's (b)log - stardate September 2012

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OK - time for a change of lifestyle we thought. Can't afford it. Do it anyway. So we did.

We did lots of research. We joined the Camping and Caravanning Club, the Caravan Club, the Motor Caravanners Club and numerous forums and websites. We talked to our friends (who thought it was a great idea), we thought about how we would use it where we would use it and as a result ...
... yesterday we collected Badger, an Auto Trail Tracker RS motorhome. Just big enough for the two of us - only two seat belts, only one bed. So we are going to be self sufficient, self contained and self ish !

The hand-over by the dealer (Elite Motorhomes - great bunch) took nearly four hours, but that was because we are complete newbies to motorhoming and there was a LOT to learn. Then we went (courtesy of Elite) to a lovely local campsite at a nearby golf course and found our pitch for the night (query - why is it still called a pitch when we aren't pitching anything ? Memo to self - think of a new name!). The owner was very welcoming, and after we parked up and put Badger onto hook-up (all this new terminology), we took the briefcase full of manuals over to the club house, and sat outside with a beer to go through them. Not all of them. Just some of them. I repeat - there is a LOT to learn!

Back to Badger and time to cook ... pasta with a home-made sausage & tomato sauce - the sauce was home made, not the sausages !

I had an urgent work email, so we connected up the computer we had with us (can you doubt it) via the mobile phone, logged into the server in Huntingdon, logged back to the file server in Melfod, retrieved the file we needed and emailed it off. Then used the laptop to charge the mobile phone, after which Mark, with great care, removed the charging lead, rolled it up and remarked that we should make a special place for leads etc like that. And put it somewhere. Obviously into a Black Hole because it hasn't been seen since, search we never so diligently.

Badger has a beautiful panormic window over the bed, so we were able to lie in bed and watch the stars which was great. Of course what we SHOULD have done was draw the blind across before we went to sleep. But we didn't. So at 06.30 the sun woke us - a good night's sleep but somewhat shorter than we might have wished. The good thing was that we got up and had a lovely walk down to the fishing lake on a beautiful September morning. Followed by breakfast and a shower and then back to the dealer to get one or two things fixed before heading home. We had found the leak on the loo (just as well ...) though at least it was from the cistern and not from other areas you don't want to think about too much. Sadly the dealer didn't know where our Black Hole is either, but I will report back should we find it.

Then it was time to head home. The new Sat Nav has various choices for the types of route including one called Easy which sounded good to us ... and it was!

About 12.30 ish we started looking for somewhere to stop for lunch and saw a National Trust sign to Wimpole Hall - great we thought. Errr ... no. They had forgotten to put a sign at the next roundabout, so we gave up on that, and ended up having baked beans on toast by the A14 !! Better than a Little Chef though.

Badger fits through our gates (just) and is now resting on the drive awaiting his first real adventure this weekend. Wish us luck and fun :)
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