Badger's (b)log, Stardate October 2012

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Well we thought. A weekend away to start with we thought. And up to Norfolk we went, to Kessingland and had a lovely time learning our way around Badger. And walking to the beach. And visiting the Zoo. It was great - especially being woken by the lions in the night :)

Good we thought. Now we will do a "real" trip. And headed for Orkney. First of all via the Lincoln show, where we bought lots of bits we needed, and fell for a silk filled duvet (brilliant!) - do watch out for the guy who sells them at a very good price at the shows. We saw him at Lincoln and again at the NEC.

Through floods (we hit the storm just outside Morpeth) .. camped at the River Breamish site - great site, but the river turned into a torrent overnight and although it wasn't bursting its banks we thought we had better head for our next port of call, Edinburgh. Had a great time there - there is a shuttle from the site to the city, and we had a lovely day wandering in Edinburgh, and visiting the Georgian House (not sure Mark was too impressed but I found the kitchens particularly fascinating), but I love cooking you see.

Next day we took a bus to the Royal Yacht Britannia - if you are in the vicinity make time to go (you will need at least 2 hours if you are going to do it justice) ... it's wonderful. And they do a very nice "soup and a sandwich" lunch which we washed down with a glass of chilled white wine. Lovely

Then we headed on northward over a couple of days and arrived at Scrabster to get the mid-day ferry to Orkney. We know (and love) Orkney so were quite at home there, and had a wonderful time, partly on a campsite, partly on a friend's small holding, and partly wild camping - with the joy of watching the Northern Lights.

Started wandering home mid-October, spending a couple of nights at Pitlochry, in torrential rain, with another river rushing by - but this one is controlled by the dam, which was dramatic watching ! An amazing amount of water going through.

A night in the Lake District at the Low Park Wood Site (highly recommended except for the bird - or maybe squirrel - that spent the night above us and poohed lavishly over the front of Badger) and then onto Birmingham for the NEC show. Great show - learned lots.

And finally home.

We learned so much on the trip - not least that we NEED satellite internet - we work while we are away as we are both self employed and the various "free wifi" or even paid for wifi solutions just don't work. You can spend an hour setting them up, then they are slow and/or unreliable, or don't connect through a VPN or or or. So bullet is to be bitten and the cost will be horrendous, but if we don't do it we can't go away so much. And we want to travel!

More another time ...
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