Badger's (b)log, Stardate later in October 2012

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So we got home safe. But Steve, our lovely next door neighbour who had been looking after our three cats reported that he hadn't seen all three together for at least a week. And there was no sign of one of the Burmese kittens (well, a bit older than kittens but not a lot).

[​IMG]Nimbus and Cirrus are pretty much identical, being litter-twins, and you can only really tell them apart when they are together if you see what I mean. Nimbus is a little bit bigger and a little bit lighter brown round the tail area. Even we had trouble identifying which was the missing one but realised it was little Cirrus. And he was nowhere to be found - we rattled the back door handle, usually a sure way of bringing the cats in for breakfast or supper, but to no avail. And a week later we had pretty much given up hope. There seemed to be several possibilities. 1. he had got pissed off with us being away and gone to live with someone else; 2. that he had met with an accident on the roads (probably unlikely - he is chipped and it would have been reported) 3. being a bit too adventurous and courageous he had had an encounter with a fox or badger ... he is quite small or 4. he was shut in somewhere (because of nosiness)

On Wednesday morning the gas-man arrived at what seemed like oh-mi-god-o'clock to fix the boiler (well actually to fail to fix the boiler, but it's a long story), and I went across to Platform 2 ... we live in a Railway Station you see ... to switch the computer on to start doing some work rather earlier than normal. Nimbus came with me in the hope that I was going to put the heating on, and I saw him disappear into an interesting looking box then heard a cat yelling from the kitchen on Platform 1. It didn't sound like Phercad, our big, black, fluffy Maine Coon so I went across ... and to my intense relief there was little Cirrus - absolutely starving but otherwise in good shape thank goodness. He had some damage on his paws which looked like he had been trying to scrabble out of somewhere and he smelt car-oily, so our best guess is a garage had been housing him for a while. He ate and ate and hasn't left our side since !

So our plans to go off for the weekend were shelved - we felt we didn't want to add to the trauma by going away again so soon, so we contented ourselves with going shopping for Badger this morning and buying him an espresso maker ... we decided that a full blown electric Lavazza machine was probably a bit OTT as it would require a 1200W inverter if we were to use it off hook-up, plus they are, with the best will in the world, a trifle messy. Even if they are capsules. They dribble. Copiously. Trust me on this. They are worth it but they dribble. But we found this gorgeous gadget (picture below). Which seems to work rather well. And now we can enjoy our espresso in the mornings ! And I am sure Badger will appreciate the aroma of good coffee swirling around his habitation area. Just as he likes curry. And Mexican chicken. And things like that.

And we also bought him a potato masher. But failed on the micro-plane grater ... have to go to a bigger town for that I guess. Or order on-line (John Lewis is your friend for such gadgetry, especially if, like me, you have a Waitrose nearby that they deliver it to free of charge).

So there you go - our non-Badger weekend. Oh - by the way, in the previous blog you may remember I referred to the amazing dam at Pitlochry. Well have a look at these pictures! - the river boiling it seems !
and this :
and in the evening, this :

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