Badgering in Essex

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Been meaning to write this one up for ages ... our badger trip to a rally at Waldegraves on Mersea island ... organised by Gail of Motorhome fun ... and very well organised it was too. It was our first rally and so we didn't really know what to expect - I won't say we were nervousbut perhaps a little apprehensive.

But then the joy of a motorhome is that if you don't like the heat you can get out of the kitchen so ...

It was back in November, and we arrived to a very soggy field as it had been raining and raining and more was forecast. The site found us a reasonable parking area, on a slight slope so hopefully well drained, with hookup. And we settled ourselves in and wandered over to the meeting area where Gail had got a BBQ started and introduced ourselves to a few people. A glass of wine or two helped keep the chill out and milling around the BBQ helped as well.

Overnight there was torrential rain and high winds - boy did we rock around all night. it was amazing - we hadn't had anything like that even on Orkney ! So it has to be said that we didn't sleep too well to say the least. But the storm blew over and the skies cleared in the morning so we were able to head down to the beach for a brisk walk... it needed to brisk as it was decidedly chilly!

All the Funsters met up durimg the day at the BBQ area and again in the evening in the bar where there was entertainment. Four of us decided it was a bit on the noisy side - we wanted to chat rather than shout, but fotuantely I had put a chicken curry and some dhal into the freezer in Badger, so there was enougth for the four of us and we retreated back to the van for supper with some wine ... well rather a lot of wine actually!

The next night was somewhat calmer (though the wine might have had something to do with that ...) and then after another wander down the to the beach for some fresh air it was time to head home ... only to find we were well and truly stuck in the mud! Ooops !

Luckily Waldegraves are well prepared for these eventualities and a tractor soon turned up with a tow hook and hauled us out and onto the hardcore. And we duly headed home.

All in all very enjoyable and a great introduction to rallies. Thanks Gail !
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