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We - Carole & Bill - started looking to escape several years ago & first looked to buying abroad and sharing our time between that home & our home in the UK. Maybe 6 months in each. We investigated the US quite closely in about 2004 and were keen on Florida because of the sun. We had a timeshare which we had used regularly since 1992 - so we knew the situation in Florida.

We looked really seriously and found a potential second home near Orlando - about 30 miles North on a complex with a golf course. We were just about to sign on the dotted line when Carole had a flash of foreboding or perhaps intuition - and she said we should re-think.

Her plan was NOT to buy - but to downsize back in the UK and use the surplus to just travel. On reflection it seemed a better option, as we would have been committed to one place for 6 months a year. Also, as a result of 9/11, the US was changing and we felt mildly uncomfortable.

So we abandoned the US and started to think again about our options - and in hindsight - it was a great decision. :Wink:
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