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After deciding not to commit ourselves to one location, we started thinking of other ways to travel with more flexibility. In 2005 we downsized the house & considered that perhaps we could travel the UK after selling up and get B&Bs/ hotels wherever we fancied & then travel to Europe & beyond.

However, when we did the sums it proved that this was a wholly impractical solution except for lottery winners - so we binned that idea.

Next we thought of medium term renting on the continent. Choose an area and stay for 6 months & then return home with no ties. We made a couple of trips to sothern Spain but concluded that this was no different to the US idea. We'd be stuck in one place for too long. And we'd need a car as well. Also, the administration if we stayed longer than 6 months gets tricky.

We really want to travel & SEE places. Although we have visited over 70 countries, there are many. many new places to experience & that means being mobile.

Then, quite by accident, we discovered the Motorhome. :thumb: We had never camped at all before & towing a caravan never appealed, so the Motorhome seemed the perfect solution. So in late 2008 we started our search for the ideal wag.
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