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I’ve started the construction of a raised vegetable patch just big enough I hope not to be much trouble and large enough to give us enough vegetables for several months each year.
I’m not one for gardening hence its size, I’m secretly hoping my partner will take more of a interest than I, but if push comes to shove then I suppose I will have to look after it making sure we have enough potatoes for our needs,

I’ve given Abby Drives and paid a deposit for them to re-landscape my front garden and driveway with this imprinted coloured concrete, they did the same at my previous property. Don’t ask how much it’s costing, I’ve only just recovered from writing out the deposit cheque.
I’ve also ordered the metal gates I want from a local firm [wollaton gates and fabrications ltd.] he’s told me they should be ready to install in about five weeks, that was a week ago.
Again pictures to follow.

I am expecting the two seated leather recliner being delivered Friday, that’s the day they said it should be delivered after a months delay, their excuse was the boat was late sailing from Italy.

My daughter has taken back her gas Bar B Q, so now I’m in the market for a replacement, been looking but non as yet have taken my fancy.
The neighbours who’s garden backs onto my garden have one that they don’t use, I’ve seen it when I’ve been nosy by looking over my fence into their garden, its tucked up against my fencing, its been there for at least two summers and has not moved. Should I go round to theirs and ask if they would like to sell it or even give it to me?

Just had a phone call from the people I ordered my leather two seat recliner from, they have now given me Saturday for delivery as a pose to this Friday, at least I know now the boat safely docked.

Bip. :thumb:

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