Back garden project....last summer

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My ‘Partners daughter has said she’s moving out of my ‘Partners rented bungalow.
She’s been living there with her son since coming out of another flat she couldn’t afford to rent after giving up a well paid job, [don’t ask its complicated]
She’s applied for help off the council and social services, she moving back into the same block of flats but this time it’s a cheaper rental subsidised by them, owing to her having a son and no husband.
My ‘Partner gave her daughter a deadline to be out, basically it was costing my ‘Partner a fortune in rental and utility bills.
After the 9th of April my ‘Partner will be living here with me permanently, as if she isn’t already.

Hasn’t today been a glorious day, I was nearly tempted to start work again on my back garden, its been ages since I last did any thing out there.
I have a very large garden that needs to be landscaped; I landscaped part of my back garden last year and constructed a patio area too, so we in the summer evenings can sit outside drinking a bottle or two…. see pictures below.

My plans are to make our selves self sufficient for vegetables by constructing a raise vegetable patch and the rest of the garden will be a small orchard.
I will post pictures as and when the work starts.

Tonight is dance night at the Basford miner’s welfare, looking forward to it so I will catch you hopefully tomorrow.


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