Another week gone past

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Is it Sunday already, where did the week go? I was longing to take the RV out to a camp site this weekend, but to be honest who wants to travel on the roads over a bank holiday. So we finished off cleanning the van down in side. The promised washing of the floor tiles now completed, off loading of some items we do not use except when in France and are taking up space and are heavy.

Loaded the law books to give advise free at Bath & West and Lincoln - I can only give it ..up to you if you take any notice.

Finished one or two jobs - like they say in the Andrew (Navy) make and mend day. and I can always find something to mend or alter. Even if it is not broken I will still fix it if you follow me. - perhaps I just like to be on the RV rather in doors?

Well I know Ezzie our Saint Bernard prefers to be on the soon as I open the front door she charges out past me and sits at the step of the RV waiting to be let on board..she heads for the settee and that is where she stays until I have finish and even then she will not get off.

Only a couple of weeks and we will beat a path to Bath & West and then later in the month up to Lincoln for the last show we do this year. That does not mean it is the last outing for us. We would still like to get back to Sailsbury again before the CCC close the site for the winter.. I will just have to grin and bear the wardens once more. But seriously we use the RV all year.

France is again the trip for next year in April. Depends on if our daughter wants to come with there tent or not and of course if Sue still has a job in the NHS (she works two longs days at this time on half hours) so we may get longer than the usual 3 plus weeks if we are lucky. I say lucky as it is something to look forward to. We have a perfect site in the South of France in Sominaires, and we are both looking forward to kicking back and enjoying another few weeks on the site and the nice weather and great staff at this very near to the town site.

So roll in 2011.:thumb:
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