Another expensive day

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This morning the slide out jacks and extra jack pads arrived from Motorhome Medics... ordered them a month ago and they arrived this morning. Now a month may seem a long time, but if I had wanted to spend a fortune I could have purchased them direct from Camping World in the USA and had them shipped by UPS. Darren of Motorhome Medics orders lots of items each week and my items are just part of his bigger on the shipping.

Those that own an American RV will know how heavy these jacks are... so I was not so un happy when the bill reflected £12.50 for the US to UK part and another £12.50 UK to my home part plus vat. Daren had charged a £ to $ for the item (as in the big American parts book he supplies) so I do not feel to hard done by and as I also needed more 4 more jack plates (take up to 40,000 lbs load each and can be used for many different uses) it was not to bad a bill.

But this has been an expensive week. What with ordering in another £250 of American Z gauge model train items - yes I am said I buy and sell model trains as a side line and have a big layout. But as Sue said the hobby does not get any cheaper and why do you have so many locos.. well you have to have a good stock of them to sell or exchange etc.,.. but that is for another time.

Carrying on with EXPENSIVE, and I do Expensive like I do not do washing machine (see yesterdays blog)... it is shopping day today.. Iceland, Sainsbury's and I expect a few other places in the town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.. by the way it is not camper friendly. But if you want to visit ..let me know You can always park up out side my home and we will get you in to the town centre a couple miles away.. we are only 1 mile off the A21 by the biggest retail park you could wish for. The offer is there.. just p.m

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