Another bites the dust.

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Not been here for a while because I’ve been chatting on another web site to a refugee of the united Kingdom, he prefers to be alone in the middle of nowhere in a shack of his own making made from sticks or as they could wood over there in the US Lumber.
He has that web address below, check it out and I bet you come to the same conclusion as I have, a pathetic little site, he’s just banned me for nothing, told you all earlier those that belong to that bigger site are all neurotics and he’s one of them…..

My garden project is going fine, I’ve cemented in the edging that I need for when my gravel is delivered Friday, the matting I’m using I pinched from outside of a house that is having an extension built, sure they won’t miss it.
The picture below is of how my garden looks before the gravel is laid after pictures to follow… :thumb:

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