Another awesome week.

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This week has been very chilled and relaxed during the day with nice walks, cycle rides and then much socialising on an evening.:LOL:
I have treated myself to a set of Petanca, or Boule and have really enjoyed playing with a couple of our friends here.
Weds night we came up to the bar here on theCampsite, The Karaoke was on and whilst I am not the biggest fan, there are some very good singers here so a pleasant evening was had!
Thursday night, we went to the Chinese Buffet in Albir, all you can eat and drink for €12, and very good quality food it is too, cooked to order and not off a servers so fresh and washed down with several ice cold San Miguels! Great value.
Friday saw us in the Club for the evening, a guitarist/singer, plays all sorts so a dance or two and yet another sociable time! He is very good and can play Santana like he is the man himself!
Sunday, social lunch in The Yorkshire Pride, again great value at €6.50 and I know some will scoff ( see what I did there) at the idea, but a good home cooked Sunday Lunch is welcome now and then and makes a bit of a change from the Fish and Tapas that we are enjoying.
Of course the company we are keeping are making the whole experience even better, everybody is so friendly.
We are loving this area and are staying till August4 when we plan to start heading south wards through Murcia, Nerja then through Seville and into Portugal.
Total spend is now €2200, all included. I keep referring to prices and expenditure because I think it gives a good guide to costs for any other first timers thinking about doing the same.
Enjoy the photos!!
My new Petanca!
Local Tapa, we had a 4 course Menu Diaro with a beer and a glass of wine here for €13.90:eek:

The view each way from the front at Altea, simply lovely. This is why we love this area.
Beer and Tapa, oh go on then, don't mind if we do, at €2.70for the lot, it's terrible!
And the view while we do, out over Albir Beach.
It's a hard life:LOL:
A refreshing drink at Estacion Del Mar, just outside the campsite, lovely Gin and Tonics!!
Beers with the lads in the Club Bar. Don't let Interpol see this:LOL:
Girls just wanna have fun!! :cool:
Papa Smurf and myself after maybe one or two refreshing beers( I think:LOL:)
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