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I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. I was hoping to have been away in the van by now, but it hasn't happened. There is a pipe to be replaced in the bathroom, and because the whole system is pressurised, it means we can't use any water in the van. The heating requires water to be present in the tank too, so there's no heating either - and over a wet and cold bank holiday weekend, we didn't fancy losing our creature comforts.

Rather than cause further problems, we've opted not to go away. The van is an elaborate wendy house on the drive and my other half keeps catching me giving the Galaxy long looks from the upstairs window.

All being well, the dealer will send someone over tomorrow morning to replace the tap/pipe assembly and we can start thinking about a few days away after that.

Another hick-up occurred though. When I checked the bank this morning, it appeared that no money had moved since the purchase last week. You can imagine how pleased the dealer was when I called...

All sorted now I hope. I'll keep a close eye on the bank to make sure the funds clear and hopefully it'll all be sorted soon.

As for little jobs around the van, I've installed a few battery-powered led lights inside some of the darker cupboards. They've got a little motion sensor on them so you don't need to push any buttons to turn them on, and they turn off automatically after 20 or so seconds. They're from Ikea and you get two for a fiver. Bargain!

The other thing I've done this morning is to add an LED strip to the bedroom area above the cab. There was a halogen there already, but the light is hot, way too bright and draws too much power from the leisure battery. The LED strip is indirect, and while not as bright as the halogen, is perfect for reading at night. I'm hopeful that the rest of my LED replacement lights will arrive soon and I can get rid of the last of the halogens.

It's been a rainy day today, but during a sunny spell I managed to get a ladder against the van and have a good look at the roof. It needs a decent clean, but there's loads of space for solar panels if we go that route. I'll need to work out how to get cables down through the van too...

That's about it for now. Here's hoping the pipe can be repaired tomorrow and we can have our first night out!
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