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Right to roam in Scotland for numpties like me. :Doh:

Responsible access: Key points for walkers

Farmland: access rights apply to fields but not to grassland being grown for hay or silage if it is above ankle height. Field margins are included in access rights, even if sown with a crop. When crossing arable fields use the tracks or “tramlines” made by tractor wheels, or any unsown ground. Avoid disturbing farm animals, especially where young or aggressive animals are present.
Farmyards: farmyards are not included in the right of access, but you may still take access through farmyards by rights of way, custom or tradition. Farmers are encouraged to sign alternative routes if they do not want people passing through their farmyard. If you are going through a farmyard, proceed with care and respect the privacy of those living on the farm.
Camping: access rights extend to lightweight, wild camping – small numbers of people for 2 or 3 nights in one place. Take your litter away and don’t cause pollution. For guidance on responsible wild camping see:
Shooting: walkers should take account of reasonable requests to minimise disturbance where sport shooting or culling is taking place of, eg, deer, grouse or pheasants. Advice on red deer stalking may be available for some areas on the Hillphones Service ( in late summer or early autumn. Disturbance can usually be minimised by following prominent ridges, main watercourses or routes through the glens.
Golf courses: you have the right to cross a golf course, providing you avoid interfering with anyone playing golf and also stay off the greens, and keep dogs on short leads.
Houses & gardens: you cannot take access in private gardens, within the curtilage of buildings, or in places where an entrance charge is made.
Requests not to take access: be guided by reasonable requests from land managers not to take access when, eg, tree felling is taking place or you might disturb nesting birds. Such requests should apply to specific areas and times and for short periods. Alternative routes may be suggested.
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