Abuse yet again.

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They’ve been at it again, giving me abuse and for what.
I had to laugh and I feel sorry too for rainbow who has been banned, he was mistaken for being me.
I’ve told you lot before that bunch of reprobates who run that local Nostalgia site here in Nottingham are neurotic in the extreme, they see a shadow behind every door.

Below is the statement written out by one of their members, the one I’ve told you about who now thinks he runs the site and in doing so can say whatever he likes well he can’t, because his post was taken down not long after he had posted it, fortunately I was browsing the site at the same time, I copied the post and is saving it for future reference like now and when the police come calling again.

They say money comes in one hand and is taken by the other, which was true for me the other day.
I had been to the dentist for a check up and he found I needed a filling doing so I paid for the check up and made another appointment for the filling.
The very next day I got two cheques from Ernie, he doesn’t send me cheques as often as he use to only because the prize money has been cut down to £25 for the lowest win as a pose to £50 before the bubble burst.
The cost of the filling is £45 the two cheques totalled £50.

I have also been to have my blood taken, one unit to be precise [whatever that is these days]
Its my 76th unit, I started giving blood only as a time waster from work, the company I worked for in the 60s let us off work with pay to give blood that’s how I became a blood donor.
A friend of mine who passed away three years ago told me about it, it sounded great, time off with pay and while there a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit after.
I gave blood twice a year back then but it wasn’t until I left work that I found out one can give a donation three times a year.
In those days back in the early sixties, it was a ten-minute steady walk to the place they were set up at, an hour to have the blood taken and a ten-minute steady walk back to the factory.
I hadn’t made an appointment this time so I had a wait of forty minutes, if one books an appointment it can take even less time to go through the whole process, but I have found that’s not always the case, just depends if they are busy.
In the old days when one gave blood one was moved to lay down on another bed where one was left to rest for at least fifteen minutes after ones blood was taken, these days one is lucky if you have five minutes rest, more like two is the norm.
Tea and Biscuits are still the order of the day afterwards and I must say the selection of biscuits have much been improved on.
Forgot to mention I’m one of the rare blood groups, only 7% of people have the same blood group as me, my mother had an even rarer blood group; she had to carry a card with her to identify her as a rare blood group.

Below is the post I was telling you about at the beginning of my blog.....Bip:Rofl1:

I'm still here, I note that things don't change, that lying, pathetic, ignorant, lunatic, moron from Sawley has clearly escaped from his institutional detention and continues to adopt different aliases and post the usual crap, Happy Birthday by the way, I hope it's your last.
I'm currently trying to get my existing modem to work on a new computer, it doesn't want to know, otherwise I'm busy on the allotment, or trying to exist.
These library computers are pathetic, they don't work properly and I have a limited time on them, this means more important jobs take precedent over Nottstalgia.
Thats all for now, see you around.
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