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My son is doing a study that entails keeping a detailed journal of the whole days activities. I thought I would give it a go, Its more difficult than you might think. When I remembered to do it, i just scribbled in a notebook as it happened, the rest was filled in retrospectively, with the stuff i forgot to jot down - I then got Sian to decipher it and type it up. Nothing untoward happened, just a typical working day in the Ringleader's life:Smile:

4:30 – 5:00

I’m laid wide awake at 4.45am, I can’t help it. If I went to bed drunk at 3am I would still wake at 4:30. Sian calls it my disease or my curse. I reach over to the bedside table and pick up my iphone and holding it under the covers so the light doesn’t disturb Sian I check my emails. I have 4 private messages and two reported posts and a bunch of other emails none of which are really important.


Get up, make tea, check sites using laptop. Someone started a thread last night saying the site seemed slow. I checked and It did feel a bit sluggish,

I send an email to my retained sys-admin guy in Germany to check the Mysql logs.

I Delete two spammers who joined in the night and posted junk. And then start answering PMs

one is about a picture upload problem,
another about a spouse of a Funster who would like a free subscription
someone wants to know if a 2008 Mirage motorhome is a good buy.
A new member wants to know how to add a signature.
I respond to each.


Out with the dog, it’s pitch black, cold and very blowy. Rocky doesn’t seem to mind, we walk about three miles and I while puffing up a rather steep hill I get a great idea about promoting the new Motorhome Fulltimers Association.

Back home - Wake everyone up being childishly exuberant, take Sian a cup of tea and take a shower.

Breakfast on my own with the news on BBC - Luxury

Wake James 16 again , not as exuberant this time but just as boring. Let the chickens out and then cross the yard and start the 20 metre commute to my office.


Look at the sites again, there a quite a few funsters online now, there are 3 new members to welcome that joined last night, I always try to welcome each one.

Check the site backups occurred, in the night, that they have been replicated off site, verify backup and post another copy of to a secure location.

Can’t resist getting involved in a forum topic about how to solve the country’s unemployment crisis.

I get a PM about how someone might arrange a meet next year, I respond, thank them and explain how they might go about it.

I scan my to do list and drag “to dos” onto todays calendar allocating the time for each item. Hoping that tonight I don’t have to drag the items undone back to my task list.

8:00 9:00

Back to the house, everyone is having breakfast , join in but only have coffee. 8:30 I walk Katie to school.

9:00 13:00

In the office, working on a consultant project (this pays the bills) It involves a couple of calls and I work on the outline of a report. Then I’m distracted

Someone has responded to my political post on fun so I spend 20 minutes composing a superb reply, then decide its best to not post it and delete it.

Back to the consultancy work.

The dog goes ape, the post arrives, a planning authority have an issue with a CFL in Devon, I compose letter back to the planning authority and pop it in the out tray, that authority are being a right pain.

A cheque in the post for subs, find the user on the system and manually add the years subscription to her profile, email and tell her 'thanks' and it’s sorted

Back to the consultancy work.

I get an email alert, someone has opened a second account on the site, this is against the rules and the system alerts me, I email the funster about the breach, and delete the second account.

Back to the consultancy..

Browsing the site I welcome another new member.

I get email back from the sys admin in Germany, he has looked at the logs and found nothing that might account for the sluggishness. He goes on to inform me that the site seems very fast to him. I check and it does seem to be OK. It seems I have spent money for nothing!

Take a phone call, a new member cannot make a post, keeps getting a permission error. Talk them through it and finally discover they are not logged in!

13:00 :13:45

Lunch, we start outside in bright sun, but have to go in it just a bit too cold, I get a reported post, a Funster has reported a trader spamming. I nip to the office and quickly delete the trader

13:45 15:20

Make good headway on the consultancy work

A newby has posted his intro on the back of a thread about solar panels. I make a new thread for the post and email the newby to tell him what I have done and provide him a link to his new thread.

I get a PM someone wants to know how to delete an advert, I respond pointing to a tutorial. Make a to-do about adding a help file visible when in classifieds.

Back to the consultancy work and make more calls.

I get an email about important system upgrade for our forum software that needs to happen ASAP It is a patch against a vulnerability, I read the patch brief and luckily it only requires a couple of files to be overwritten and I do not have to close the site. I do it right away, better to be safe than sorry.

Coffee -Chill out and browse a few of my favourite sites. Read up on the rugby stories, read what’s been going on at motorhome fun make a few posts there myself.


Collect Katie from school

16:00 18:30

Back to the bread and butter stuff, but now with lots of interruptions from kids

Add some work to a long term project that might earn me some money one day

Read more about rugby – depressing

Print off 3 drafts of a report for proof reading tonight, a copy for me, Sian and the Mother-in-law!


Evening meal with everyone except titch who’s at running club This is the start of the sites busy time, so a laptop is never far from the kitchen so i can keep taking a peak at what is happening.

20:00 23:00

Youngest to bed and a story; were reading Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield

Watching TV - An email on my phone alerts me to a member that cannot log in, and the password that we supplied does not work. I mail a solution back

A “contact us” alert on my phone, someone asking for a membership number for their insurance company. I have a stock email written for this so in less than a minute its sorted.

I check the site its all OK, no reported posts, no contentious treads running. I close the laptop and head for the shower and bed. In bed, check the site one last time browsing via iPhone, ignoring sarcastic comments from Sian, asking if
sending me a PM would be the best way of communicating with me!:Laughing:
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