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I was rapped over the knuckles last night [Friday] by my live in girl friend and the wife of my mate, when I disclosed that in my blog I was referring to my new love in my life as a live in girl friend, from now on I will refer to her as ‘My Partner’.
Apart from that slip of tongue the rest of the night went well.
The Harvest Pale brewed by Castle Rock Brewery slipped down lovely, its been a while since the last time I had a few of those, unfortunately the price of a pint has gone up to £2-30pp from the last time I was in The Poacher.

We hadn’t seen this couple since we met at my bonfire night exstravaganza last year, which for the last two years I’ve held in my back garden, there was quite a lot to catch up on made more intense since my mate was one of those who when the bill payer of the Nottstalgia site went cuckoo and started to see ghosts whenever the lights went out.
He was demoted for openly stating that he considered me as a close friend.
He was found guilty by association by the bill payer as he put it.
He agreed with me that the bill payer has gone completely paranoid, as his bilge rats are running around in ever decreasing circles questioning ever member who has joined in the last two months, its quite pathetic to read the post, when the site is opened up to the public that is, this morning when I checked it was closed.

Slimey as I call the newly recruited Moderator [Limey] is hell bent on interrogating a new member about why he hasn’t filled in his profile yet, I’ve been on the site and have checked for other members who haven’t filled theirs in and found at least five other posters who haven’t done the same, so why is he hell bent on intimidating this particular member is anybody’s guess.
And now I read that Firbeck is joining in with Slimeys tactics, he too wants blood from this particular member. I’ve had a run in with him before, he’s one of those persons who jumps on a moving bus hoping the conductor is busy upstairs taking unpaid fares and hasn't seen him .
In my opinion if this behaviour by this particular Moderator and Firbeck doesn’t cease there will be no more new members joining this now pathetic site, the bill payer is, in my opinion, going to have a word with these two people and tell them to back off, if not I can see trouble brewing yet again.

One day last week I had a present from Erne It was a twenty five pound cheque, I’m taking my Partner out tonight for a Ruby Murray at a restaurant in Stapleford.
I did try to phone them to reserve a table but they were not answering their phone this morning so I will try late at about twelve.

A little bit more history coming your way.
I moved house two years after my wife left me for that good-looking fellow in heaven.
I was in a four-bed semi that came rather empty after she left.
We had talked of moving some twenty years earlier but couldn’t agree on the type of bungalow we wanted.
I like the traditional style bungalow and the wife liked the modern style [Box Shape]
After six months of looking we agreed to disagree and gave up the hunt.
The bungalow I moved to was built in the sixties and the previous owners hadn’t really kept up with modern trends hence when I moved in the whole bungalow had to be re-modernised.
It took a few craftsmen and me just over a year to get it how I like it that’s the inside and the outside structurally, I started to re-landscape the back garden in the middle of last year, I got so much done and then the weather was unkind to me so I had to stop.
I will if its possible post a few before and after pictures just to show you how things have changed in that very short time I’ve been here.
End of history lesson…will tell more has the weeks and months pass.

Bip. :thumb:
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