A Cold Copper.

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Another visit from the police today asking me for the last time to stop sending emails.

The young lady officer came in a car on her own, I asked was the cut backs affecting her personally, she gave a wry smile and proceeded to give me the third degree, she only looked as if she had just left skool ten minutes ago, isn’t that a sign of old age when the police officers start to look young?
She asked if she could step inside my bungalow to have a private word with me, I didn’t say no, I just closed the door behind me and we stood outside me on my top step and her on the bottom.
I denied all knowledge of sending the emails she was referring to, she wanted me again to sign her note book and again I declined, she said it doesn’t matter if I don’t, she’s made a record of her visit and the next time she gets a report of me sending emails I shall be arrested for harassment and my computer could be seized.

The forty-inch Samsung 8000 series television I ordered over the Internet came Thursday afternoon as promised, they were brilliant with their after sales service.
The email they sent me before it was delivered said that the delivery people will take all packaging away with them, they didn’t, they were very reluctant to take it out of the box it came in, but after I had said that was what I was told they would do they did.
I phoned the company to tell them what the problem was with the delivery people, they said I was right to insist on them taking it out of the box after all that was stipulated in their contract with them.
Once I had fixed the television to its stand and plugged the aerial in and then connected the dvd player via a Scart converter which was supplied it was a simple task to go through the menu to find auto scan and store channels.
The only problem I have now is where do I store the packaging in case something goes wrong and I have to send it back, the box is to large to go through my loft door and I don’t have any room inside my bungalow, its now in my six by eight shed taking up valuable space, it can’t stay there until the warranty runs out I’m having to find another place for it soon, but where?

My ‘Partner is wanting to go up to Oldham at the end of this month to see her brother who she doesn’t see very often, maybe only once a year if that.
She has suggested while up that way to visit Wigan Pier and maybe go if we have time to Southport, I’ve had a look at the map and I reckon we can do that having three night stops [freestyle] being back on the Monday late.
That reminds me I have to get an exchange bottle of propane at my local marina shop.
The last time I was at the shop I asked how much an exchange would be, sixteen squid I was quoted, lets hope it hasn’t gone up in price since then.

Before and after pictures of the fencing I’ve done are below.


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