6 Weeks To Go

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Well, we are back from our Christmas break to Cyprus having missed all the snow. We decided that a quick visit to the 'wag was needed and were very pleased to see that it was in fine fettle. :BigGrin:

Although completely covered in snow, it was dry as a bone inside and relatively warm. The good old Merc engine started first time, so we ran it for 30 mins as we couldn't drive it anywhere due to the slope up to the storage point.

We are setting off on 3 March, so there are a hundred things to do. We have got our house sitter / tenant living-in now and he is learning how the house works. We needed to arrange a small repair on the boiler and to get the windows at the front painted in the Spring - so both of those have been arranged.

Also, we have contacted SMC in Newark and arranged for the annual service, habitation & MOT for early April. We will get it weighed as well. We are also converting to Gaslow based on advice from other fulltimers. A couple of minor repairs and all should be well for the channel crossing on 6 May heading for Garda via France, Luxembourg & Switzerland. :clap:

We popped over to the 'wag again last Sunday, & now the snow has gone we gave it a quick run out. No problems. Although, we are lucky as the van stored next to ours had a flat tyre.:cry:

So, now we are slowly getting stuff sorted around the house. We sent over a few boxes of junk to my daughter for a boot fair she was doing. I've boxed up a load of knick-knaks, photo frames, old LPs & scrapbooks. Next week we need to re-stack our gear stored in boxes in the cellar. We are getting our doctor/dental loose ends tidied up & we will be disconnecting our landline with Virgin & reducing the TV package to the absolute minimum. We are also chopping down a tree in the garden so that it doesn't fall down whilst we are away. I've also sent out Mrs Eaton to Currys to pick out a new washing machine so that if ours conks out, we can just order a new one with no faffing.

We have also sorted out Skype & a webcam, Windows Messenger & Facebook so that we can communicate with daughter & friends whilst on the road. We plan to do about 7-10 years, coming back every April 1 for servicing & R&R!

Other jobs to do are to sort out insurance - vehicle, medical & travel. Get about Euro1000 as a float & to pay fines & bribes if necessary. Mrs Eaton needs to sort out her wardrobe which will probably take a week. I've sent most of my stuff to charity shops. We have taken delivery of a years worth of Vitamins we must have every campsite book ever published. Must remember to cancel subs to mags as we will not be able to read them. Meeting up with friends for last lunches & dinners before we go. Also arranging for visits out to the wag whilst we are away. Must tell the bank & CC companies we are in Europe so they dont block our cards.

We are going to the MotorhomeFun meets at Scunnie & Newark so we hope to meet up with funsters their & get a few more tips. So much to learn - although we are slowly getting there.

Things are starting to come together, & touch wood, we'll get away on schedule.:rollonfloor:
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