4000Km Spain to Greece

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Well we have arrived in Greece!
After waving goodbye to Mazarron, we headed North travelling through Spain into France, stayed on an aire for the night then onto Italy. Lovely nightstop in front of a Castle. Onto Slovenia and Croatia nowhere open on route so ended up staying outside a hotel near the boarder. Early start across the boarder to Serbia, bit bleak, drove as fast as we could into Macedonia, 50 Euro bribe to the customs officer to get through, robbed! Though got him down from 130 Euro, not really in a position to argue :(
Across Macedonia and into Greece, long day drove as long as we could, finally stopping at a service station for the night.
Boston decided this was a good time to 'faint' so up at 04:30 cleaning her up! Still early start to the day means we are in Stoupa, drinks and a bbq tonight with friends before they fly home tomorrow, then 3 weeks chillaxing at their villa :D

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