2morrow we are off.

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We are off tomorrow for the first adventure of the year up to Oldham and then across to Southport for a couple of days by the seaside, I reckon my boxer dog Diezel has an idea something is happening because he’s been watching me prepping the van with a curious look upon his face this morning.

That site I told you about the other week are having a few more problems I believe.
Firbeck and Limey are having a go at Brian36, Firbeck especially is not being nice and has called Brian36 a liar…..
From what I can gather firbeck thinks Brian36 isn’t what he says he is and Limey too isn’t sure of Brians actual identity so they are both wary of every post Brian submits.
I was on there today as a guest and couldn’t help noticing posts by Brian disappearing, this would be in the Nottingham Panthers section, for those who haven’t heard of the Nottingham Panthers they are an Ice Hockey Team.
Just before the post of Brians vanished once again I copied it, read below and make up your own mind why it was taken off the site…..

“ Would that be two minutes for cross checking?
Two minutes for Tripping or a Major for Butt Ending?
I don’t see why I would disserve a five plus ten penalty for misconduct for all the body checks I’m getting from certain plays.
Ever since I stepped onto the ice and the puck was dropped I’ve had no respect at all from you and one other person who I have no need to name because regular readers [which I might say are dwindling day by day] will know whom I mean.
I registered with this team in good faith thinking I’ll get plenty of ice time, but no, unfortunately I feel as if I’m sitting on the bench all the time with a broken stick in hand. When I do get onto the ice I’m immediately pulled up for some infraction of the law, it’s as if the rulebook has been rewritten without any consultation from the BIHA.
If this was a real game of ice hockey gloves would be dropped and a scrap would ensue, in ice hockey that’s the way plays sort out their difference’s but unfortunately this isn’t a game of ice hockey so I suppose I have to sit quietly as far away from the gate as possible and take all the innuendos.”


I believe Brian is referring to a post made by Limey….copy and paste the link below to read all what has been said…. http://nottstalgia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6513&pid=85516&st=80&#entry85516

I’ve told you haven’t I that when I was a member of that forum that posts of mine kept disappearing and even some were censored.
Problem was I got banned for speaking out loud, I said what I was thinking, I got banned for telling the truth something that pathetic little forum and a few of its members doesn’t want to hear…. rant over for now.

I have a full tank of diesel, filled it up about four weeks ago so no price increases for me.

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