29 May 2012 blog of a Newby

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Another day in paradise! Took Maggie in to get her monitor fixed and a few other bits...well United Caravans have no experience in Motorhomes and after £250 all I seem to get was a fitted microwave and a tv bracket. Gas detector, still not working, monitor, still not working, gas bottle not replaced, basically nothing. I was bloody furious so back to square one! Need to find a descent motor home repair person in Newcastle! Anyway went to Autosounds and the monitor is cuput. Just bought one on ebay for £30 so they said for £60 they could fit it, better than spending another £300. Maggie is becoming more expensive than the kids!! Maggie and I decided that we would pull up in a field and contemplate. Unfortunately the grass was wet and a very kind man towed us out! Now after some well needed help I am going to attempt to work out what an inverter is and how I can get the tv to work without a hook up! One day I will be super queen Motorhome guru, currently I am a numpty! Well better get on and work out this digi box and inverter converter thingy me bob.
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