2 days to go

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Well, the big day is almost upon us. :Eek!:

We've more or less handed over our house to the 'sitter'. Gas & electric meters read and full handover/takeover completed this morning.

We went out to the wag this lunchtime and started the big load-up. All done except clothing. Amazing how much space there is. The 'garage' under the bed is invaluable as it takes just about anything & everything & still space to spare.

Sorted the bikes out & affixed them to the rear rack & covered them up. Also used the Aldi alarm padlock. Great piece of kit.

No water on board yet - do that tomorrow. Brought the toilet cassette home & serviced the seals. All seems OK.

So just the last minute stuff to get done & we set off on Wednesday morning to see the outlaws in W Sussex and then on to Brighton via Crystal Palace.

We cross the channel on May 6.:thumb:

We are alo posing stuff on www.eastmidlandsdea.co.uk

Bill & Shirl :driving2:

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