14th - 24th August 2012

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It rained heavily in the night and was quite chilly, I suspect it’s because we are high up in the mountains. We only have a quilt cover on at night so may try a blanket on top tonight.
We didn’t get up until 9.30am by which time the campsite was pretty much deserted. There are lots of walkers, cyclists and rafters staying here so they are off doing their activities.
Tony decided to go for a long cycle ride. He asked me to write down the details of the campsite so he could find his way back. I did as he asked and then found after he had gone he had left the piece of paper on the table – how he ever finds his way back I’ll never know!
I went into town on my bike, all by myself. The town is not very big, just a few shops, bars and a couple of restaurants, one of which is advertising a mixed grill for 5.90E so might come here tonight. On the way back I passed the “Cheese Museum” – they are big on cheese out here apparently and almost everything you buy is covered with cheese.
When Tony came back we walked out of the campsite down the road a bit to another small “beach area”. This one was slightly bigger but had double the number of people crammed onto it. It was easier to swim here as the water was not so fast flowing but it was icy (and I mean icy!) cold so only had a quick dip to cool off and then out.
Back at the campsite I had a shower, the water was hot and the pressure was very high which was nice and it’s all solar powered so didn’t feel guilty for lingering.
The campsite had internet access and as we were only staying a couple of days the girl on the desk let me have it free of charge but the price you paid would seem to alter depending on what member of staff you asked as Tony said he heard another chap ask and was told 2E per day. Anyway as this was the first proper internet access we had had since coming away – phone access does not count – I spent about 1 ½ hours on it checking banks, emails & posting blogs etc..
In the evening we cycled into town and had the 5.90E mixed grill – it was OK but served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery which was a bit odd!
Whilst we were sitting at the bar, outside in the square, a cat ran out in front of a car and missed getting run over by about an inch, everyone that was watching inhaled a breath at the same time which sounded funny.
As Tony fancied doing some kayaking or rafting he enquired about prices at one of the many booths in town. They said Kayaking was only possible if you were very experienced as the water level was low exposing boulders & rocks which made it was quite dangerous but rafting and canyoning (sliding down waterfalls) were both available at about 45E. The rafting didn’t look too rough and he said the canyoning looked boring so didn’t do either in the end.
When we got back to the campsite there was a stall that had been set up selling crafts – mostly all knitted items – I’ve never seen a knitted iphone cover! The lady and man running the stall were both sitting there knitting. I almost expected to see a knitted doll toilet roll cover and if they had have had one I think I might possible have bought it J
We sat outside the van until late with our candles on the table. Lots of noise from the tents & vans around us as others were also sitting out late and despite notices saying they were not allowed several people had built bonfires outside their tents which were roaring away.


Packed up and headed for Trbusa Valley where we hoped we could park and visit waterfalls and rivers. Tony also wanted to ‘freecamp’ despite it supposedly being illegal in Slovenia.
We stopped at Delenja Trebusa, had a cup of coffee in a bar there whilst we figured out where to go. The roads into the valley looked too narrow for our van so headed back to a river bed area at Baca that we had seen people parked and swimming at. Although it was only lunchtime it was packed and there were no parking spaces for our van so we headed a couple of miles up the road to Most au soci and parked on a nice green area next to the lake. There was one other van here, it was not a proper parking area but there were lots of cars and people were sitting around & swimming in the lake. I wasn’t feeling too good as my hands were so painful I had to take some painkillers which then upset my stomach so I tried to get a few hours sleep whilst Tony went off for a recci on his bike.
I was sitting in the passenger seat reclined right back and was just dropping off when an English chap came up and asked if I was English (considering I was sitting in a van with English number plates I would have thought it fairly obvious!). When I said yes he stood and chatted to me for ages. He told me how his daughter had bought a house out here in 2007 and he & his wife had done the same in 2010 and then moved out here full time in June 2012. He said we should be ok if we wanted to stay here overnight as the police seemed to turn a blind eye providing there weren’t too many vans and they didn’t stay for more than one night. (Tony would be pleased to hear that). He just kept on talking but after about an hour he said goodbye and left – thank goodness, perhaps now I could have a doze.
Tony came back and went out on the lake in his kayak, just after he had left the English chap returned with his wife whom he had just met in town and they were walking home. They stood and chatted for what seemed like ages and then Tony returned and started talking to them, offered them chairs and asked if they wanted a cup of tea or a beer? They accepted a beer each so we used our last 4 beers up. They then started to talk about their life here and in the UK for about an hour and a half. Just as we were wondering if they were settling in for the evening and perhaps we should invite them to share our meal they upped and left saying they had to get home to their dogs.
As nice as they were I suspect they had not seen many English people recently as they didn’t stop talking, most of it quite mundane. We had learnt some interesting facts though – Slovakians work from 6am to 3pm which is why it gets so busy in the afternoons. Today was a bank holiday which is why there were so many people out doing things. There was a diving competition on the lake on Saturday, they had built a huge tower for the divers to dive from and there would be fireworks at midnight. Supermarkets do not sell fresh milk or fresh cheese only the farmers are allowed to do this although the farmers put vending machines in some towns that you can get these from if you are not near a farm shop. The best sausages are the ones that you buy in a bag and boil. And finally Rocket will not grow in tubs, the lady had tried but it will only grow in open soil (which is no good to her as her dogs wee on it!)
A chap in the next van went fishing on the edge of the lake and caught a trout. Lots of people crowded round him as he landed it and after much picture taking and measuring of the fish he put it back in. Apparently you are not allowed to keep any fish caught although I suspect if there had not been so many people crowded around he may have kept it!
We had pasta for tea which we ate outside with candles on the table as darkness fell.
A couple more vans pulled up to park so there were about 5 of us staying overnight.

I had left the top blind partially open so we would wake up earlier and we did – 6.45am, but this was also as we heard a couple of the vans that had been camped move off.
Eventually got up at 7.30. Tony went off for a long cycle, taking maps, Garmin & phone so hopefully he won’t get lost. I’m still amazed he finds his way back!
It’s not sunny here first thing in the mornings as the sun is not yet high enough to come over the mountains so it’s a very nice temperature.
I tidied the van, changed bedding etc. and then sat writing up my journal.
A couple of commercial kayaking vans drew up with some teenagers who were having some lessons. They were absolute beginners and it was interesting listening to the instructors telling them how to flip and do all different things, all in English. Pity Tony’s not here as they were showing them how to do all different manoeuvres; he could have picked up some good tips. They then set off across the lake returning in the afternoon to play a game of kayaking football which was good to watch but churned up the mud in the river so it was not nice to swim in.
Tony returned in a bad mood – he had taken the wrong turn going away from the van and headed in the completely opposite direction to where he wanted to go. After spending hours cycling up & down mundane mountains he gave up and headed back to the van.
We walked into town to have an ice cream – lovely apple flavour – and decided that although it was getting late we would head on up to Lake Bled. We looked at the maps – one long way round and one quick road that cut across country. The English chap we spoke to yesterday said it would be fine for our van and much quicker so we took him at his word and decided to cut across country.
Total disaster – the roads were very very narrow and hilly and after taking about an hour to cover 15 miles we came across the road we needed to take with a big sign saying no vehicles over 7ton(OK) or longer than 7mtr(not OK!) so we had to take a completely different route which still led us across the mountains to the main roads. It took us about another hour to get to a half decent road, by this time it had started raining heavily (the English chap said they had not had rain for 5months!) and it was quite hard to concentrate on the roads – especially important as there were sheer drops on my side!!! We had to go through very small villages with equally small roads and several times met huge vehicles coming the other way.
Eventually we came to the main road and decided to go on the toll road to get to BLED even though we would have to pay – vehicles over 3500kg do not have to buy a vignette at 35E to use all the roads in Slovenia but have to Pay As You Go on the Toll roads, minor roads free. We couldn’t understand this logic when we first arrived but now we can – it is really difficult and slow for vehicles over 3500kg to use the minor roads!!!!
We joined the toll road but didn’t see toll booths anywhere so assumed they must charge us when we come off but when we turned off at Bled there were no toll booths so not sure what’s going on here.
Anyway, arrived in Bled just as it stopped raining some 3 ¾ hrs after leaving Most na Soci and traveling only 65 miles. It would seem that Lake Bled is a very heavy tourist area, judging by the number of coaches and cars leaving the town & lake area due to the rain. We drove along the lake to the one and only campsite in the area – Camping Bled _ and saw what looked like Butlins! There was a public car park next door so we pulled in there (spaces available due to the rain) and found that we could camp in there overnight for 10E so decided to do that and consider what our plans would be. We parked next door to 3 British vans all travelling together – more than we had seen in total whilst we had been in Slovenia, they were on their way home to UK having been in Croatia for 2 weeks and this was their overnight stop. They said it was extremely hot in Croatia and very busy but it was very cheap!
We walked around the campsite next door – no-one stopped us at the barrier but there were so many people milling around I don’t suppose they’d notice us two walking in. The camp site was huge and filled with families so lots & lots of kids & teenagers running around shrieking & screaming, lots of amusements & games – not our cup of tea at all so we decided to give the campsite a miss, just look round Lake Bled tomorrow & move on. Whilst walking round I found that there was free camp Wi-Fi so took advantage to check emails etc. on my phone!
Back to van, had tea inside as weather not too good then went and had a walk around the lake. To be honest it is so touristy and everything is overpriced as you would expect. You can go to visit the castle on the lake or the house on the high mountainside but all at a cost and along with hundreds of other people. We decided that we had seen enough and would head out early in the morning to Lake Bohinjsko about 20 miles away and hope it was a bit more civilised.
We tried to watch the Spiderman DVD but knew from the outset when the film started to move as the person recording it took their place in the cinema that this was not going to be a good experience. After 5 mins viewing we binned the dvd – the last of the ones I bought from the Chinese girl in Spain – never again will I buy a DVD from her!!
Retired to bed with our books – old fashioned entertainment!

Up at 7am this morning as we have to leave car park at 8am when the car park attendant comes for the daytime parking money if we intend to stay.
We head for Camp Zlatong on Lake Bohinjsko and arrive there at 9.30am. It’s 38E, quite expensive as they charge per person and for a pitch which is unusual for what we have found in Slovenia so far. We decide to stay for one night and the receptionist chap says just pick a place, park up and come back to see him after 12 when we can check in. We found a nice pitch overlooking the lake. The sun came over the mountains about 10.30 so it started to heat up.
We were surprised to see that a lot of people around us were packing up to go home, it’s Friday and I would have thought that tomorrow would have been the day they’d leave?
At the moment it’s quite peaceful here. I sat by the lake in the sun reading my book whilst Tony went swimming.
I tried to book in at 12.30 but there was a huge queue at reception , as there had been all morning so I left it. I eventually went back at 2.30pm and there was still a huge queue but decided that I had better join it and book in as it was starting to get really busy. When I eventually got to the front of the queue I said to the chap (same one as earlier) that he had been very busy to which he replied that he hadn’t stopped since 7am that morning only dashing to the WC when he had to, he hadn’t eaten or had a drink all day! I felt very sorry for him so when I got back to the van I made him a ham sandwich and took it to him with a can of coke & a couple of cakes – he was overwhelmed and kept saying “thank you, thank you”. My good deed for the day!
We booked for 2 nights as didn’t want to be leaving on a Saturday after our last experience in Italy!
We cycled to visit a nearby waterfall in the afternoon – 6km uphill from the campsite – I have to admit ashamedly to using my bike on full electric for some of the wayL
When we arrived we had to pay 4.50E to get in – Tony argued that he was a pensioner so should get in cheaper and got 50c knocked off. We then had to climb a huge number of steps to get to the top of the mountain to see the waterfall which was really disappointing! On the way down I counted the steps – all 585 of them!
Back at the van Tony went out on the kayak and I attempted to go swimming but about 5 yards out the bottom of the lake was covered in a moving weed which got tangled round my feet and I didn’t like it at all so came back in.
Tony put up his hammock between a couple of trees next to our van and had a snooze.
We had a BBQ for tea and whilst Tony was getting the cooker out of the locker the door fell down onto his nose and cut it resulting in a red bruise, he sat for a while with a piece of frozen chicken on his nose to bring down the swelling – another injury to add to his list!
Whilst we were eating our tea I noticed several of what looked like Romanian Gypsies walking slowly around all the vans looking carefully at what people had outside them. When I mentioned this to Tony he said he had seen the mother going round in the afternoon and she had come back with a folding chair – of course it could have been hers……..
There are several notices pinned to the board with people looking for missing items, not that I’m accusing anyone of taking them. As the day goes on more and more tents and vans join the gypsy group until they occupy quite an area in the next field to us. It’s quite unsettling and we decide to make sure we put everything away tonight & lock up.
At 8.45pm there is still a queue at the reception of people still trying to get onto the site. It would seem that every small space will be occupied one way or the other and it’s quite funny watching people trying to fit their tent or van in somewhere. Glad we got here early.
There is a Dutch couple in a small VW camper parked next to us. They ask to borrow a whisk to make some pancakes for their 2 year old daughter as they had forgotten to pack one. After tea we sit outside with the candles and get talking to them.
She is a dentist and has just moved jobs and has a gap of 2 months before starting her new one so her husband took a 2 month sabbatical from his job and he drove to Germany last week, bought the van and drove back on Sunday. They packed it and left on Monday, heading for Croatia and then on to Italy.
They have not had a camper before and he was still reading the instruction books. Although they were connected to the electricity they did not have it on as they thought it would drain the battery. They are running the fridge off battery as they don’t think it can run off gas. Tony offered to help but they said it was ok thanks.
Tony did give a passing thought to mentioning his broken tooth to the dentist but then had second thoughts!

Although tempting to move on as this site was so busy now as it was Saturday we resisted the temptation.
I bought some fresh coisants & rolls from the breadvan on site which we had for breakfast. Tony went off for a long cycle ride and after the wind up of him getting all his gear together and getting off I relaxed. I wrote up my journal and then did some cleaning (it’s a hard life!).
When Tony returned he said he had gone to Lake Bled and it looked completey different in the daytime and sun, very beautiful and said perhaps we should consider stopping there on the way past? We decided to see how busy it was.
On his travels he called in at a campsite about 10 mins down the road that we had seen on the way in. he said it was very nice and far less busy than the one we were on and only 2/3 the price so we decided to move there tomorrow.
Relaxing with a cup of coffee and chatting to the Dutch couple a caravan came onto the site and went to go into the adjoining field. To get to this he had to go across a steep gulley and unfortunately the rear end of his caravan hit the gulley as he went through and got well and truly stuck. The men had to go help with jacks and tow ropes to get him out, luckily he only damaged his stabilisers not his van.
Went down to the lake, had to laugh as although the ‘beach’ was only a few feet wide the Germans had spread their towels over it reserving spaces! I had a go in Tony’s kayak and went out into the lake – I’m getting quite sporty now what with cycling and kayaking J
Back at the van we sat and had tea, I thought I saw a snake by Tony’s foot and shouted “snake!”, he jumped about 5 ft. and when we looked it was a bootlace…. Very realistic though.
We watched the squirrels in the trees jumping from space to space to see what they could forage from different vans & tents; funny to see when people were unaware they were there.
The Dutch chap had seen Tony fill his water tank with our watering can and asked if he could borrow it to fill his, he then asked if he had a spanner to fix his cooker lid – don’t think he’s come very prepared for his 2 month trip!

Today we moved on to Camp Dacia in Bohinj Bistrica, still in Slovenia.
The Dutch couple were also moving on leaving before us so we bid them farewell, good job we did as just as they were about to drive off I noticed their pushchair was under their van and he was just about to run over it! Will they survive 2 months – I’m not sure.
We stopped on the way at Ribcev Laz a busy tourist town on the river, not much out of the ordinary to see but had an ice cream. Here we noticed the first of many sign outside a restaurant saying “we cook baby pigs”, obviously meaning suckling pig on a spit but the way they put it and the cartoon picture of a smiling baby pig on a spit was funny. We would see this a lot from now on so it’s obviously a national dish.
On to Camp Dancia (you’d get on this one ok Brian & Chris!). This site is so different to the one we’d just been on. Really quiet and plenty of space, we parked close to the river and went for a swim – again Icy Cold but quite welcoming in the heat. Done 2 machine loads of washing and then in the evening we walked into the town for a meal, having real difficulty understanding the menu, even when it has an English translation, and ended up having Veal Snichzel(!).
The town is quite small but has all you need, supermarket, bank etc.. The river runs right through the town and at some points through people’s gardens so it’s very picturesque.

Tony went off cycling early. As we have got free wifi I checked emails etc.. and then did some research on Croatia and Prague (which is where we may go on the way home).
I walked into town to get some shopping and carried 12 cans of beer home in a backpack as well as carrying 2 bags of shopping. When I told Tony that must mean that I love him loads he said “where’s the chocolate!”…….. I also bought some Croatian wine 2.25E for a 1ltr bottle – wonder what it will be like?
He has got this shopping trolley that he’s taken the bag off and uses the wheels to fetch & carry the tanks and he did offer to put the bag back on so I could use it to go shopping but I just couldn’t bring myself to use it (yet!).
Swan in the river, huge trout swimming around, then read & dozed for a couple of hours outside the van, not in the sun.
Tony decided we had to have a proper BBQ for tea so set it all up & lit it using some twigs & grass he collected and almost smoked the whole site out. Had tea with the Croatian wine – c**p but working on the surmise that any red wine is good when it is chilled I had put it in the fridge so it was drinkable…just…and it’s also 12.5% so after a glass or two you don’t really care!
We sat outside until quite late. We had parked next to one of the camp street lights and it was like having our own personal light outside our van.
The weather in Croatia is just perfect – hot sunny days with cool evenings & nights.

Today we moved onto Ljubljana, the Croatian capital. Don’t think there is much there but we have to go past it so feel we should make the effort to visit it on the way.
Left the campsite at 10.30am after a bit of arguing, as I had paid for the first night in cash & didn’t get a receipt and it was a different chap on reception and he tried to charge me for 2 nights, got sorted in the end. A lesson for the future – always get a cash receipt!
We drove into Lake Bled and the traffic was already very heavy so decided not to stop, it’s only another lake but it just has tourist attractions around it! As we drove out of Bled the traffic coming in was horrendous, almost at a standstill for about 5 miles.
There is only one campsite in Ljubljana and it looks a bit of a Butlins but we have no choice so head there. As it turns out it is nothing like its brochure, the big swimming & sports complex in the brochure is actually next door and you have to pay to get in, the campsite is very basic & quiet.
We parked up and as it was only just 12 we decided to go into Ljubljana on our bikes, along a 5km cycle track all the way.
There is not much to see here, a few old buildings and a church but they seemed to have cleaned everything up and it all looks quite new – unless of course it is new?
There is a castle at the top of a hill in the centre and we decide to take the Tourist train for 3.50E to get there as didn’t fancy the climb in the heat. It took about 15 mins, we had a quick look round, once again nothing much to see – the castle windows had double glazing – did they have double glazing in the 13th century? – so we came back down on the train had a brief wander along the river & bridges in the centre and then cycled back to the van.
There were loads of Chinese tourists in town all walking around in their guided groups clicking everything with their cameras.
We had a couple of beers in the camp bar, which were very strong I might add, then back to the van for tea. We did think about having the “cooked baby pig” they were advertising in the restaurant but decided against it.
Whilst sitting outside the van in the evening 2 families arrived on cycles. Each cycle had a child sitting on the front and the men were towing a trailer with more kids inside. It was amazing how many of them were.

We were woken up at 5am but a train going past the campsite and blowing it’s horn. Around 6am the local church bells started to ring and continued to ring solidly for around 10 mins and just after they stopped a group of workmen started cutting wood with a chainsaw next door so we gave up trying to sleep and got up!
Today we head for Croatia. We are going to look at the bit of Slovakian coast before we go into Croatia and if it looks nice we will stop.
We took the motorway all the way to Izola, Piran & Portanok. They were all very busy and the campsites were very small so didn’t hang around and headed to the Island of KRK in Croatia as our first stop. On the way we passed a shopping centre so stooped and stocked up at Lidl and in another shop bought a lilo & pump for Tony.
Had to stop at the border to change up some money as Croatia not in the E, didn’t get a good rate but needed some local currency for the tolls so no option!
Headed over the toll bridge to KRK 81kn (£8.50) and on to a campsite on TomTom in Njivice. It was down a very narrow road, through a very small town with difficult turnings (definitely not for you Brian & Chris!) and the last 2km was on a one track road – when we got there they were full – they might not have been but don’t think they wanted our big van on their small site! So back up the difficult roads to get back to the main road and then headed for the town of KRK. Very busy here, couldn’t find first campsite and ended up at Camp Bor just on the outskirts of town. We had passed a car park which we could have stayed in for 15E but we just missed turning and Tony didn’t want to have to turn round – he was just about at his limit for driving these small and narrow roads for today. Anyway, parked up and went for a swim. Very peculiar pool or should I say poolS – in a small area there were 3 pools each one 7m x 5m (about the same as our one in Spain) and only 1.5m deep, still very welcoming & refreshing after a stressful days driving.
After recuperating we decided to cycle down the steep hill into town to get something to eat.
Well – the town was absolutely heaving, I’ve not seen so many people in one space for a long time! There were markets & stalls all along the seafront together with bars & restaurants, which were all full, and loud music blaring out all over the place. It was hard to even walk as you had to keep moving out of the way. After walking up a short way & seeing that we were not going to be able to eat or if we could find a place it was going to take ages to get served and suspect it wouldn’t be that good (all Pizzas & chips!) we headed back to the relatively peacefully tranquillity of the campsite and ate at the restaurant there which was very good and cheap.
I would like to add at this point that I beat Tony going up the hill, although I do admit to having some help from the electric side of by bike!
Back in the van high up on the hill we could hear all the noise coming from the town below and were so grateful that we didn’t stop in the carpark for the night as this was right in the middle of it all!

Left the campsite at 10.30am after servicing the van. Very peculiar set up – no separate chemical toilet facility it just went into the open drain with the rest of the waste and no separate water tap just one hose for all.
We were going to go straight to the mainland but decided to go to the small town of Baske at the bottom of the island as it wasn’t that far. On the way my electric window stopped working – unfortunately it was stuck down!
Baske had a no vehicle policy in its town so we had to park in a car park just outside. Tony had to dismantle my window to repair some shorted wires and blown fuses which took him an hour, at least it wasn’t the motor which was our first thought.
The cost for parking here was 50p per hour for a car or £4.50 per hour for a motorhome – obviously not welcome here then! Having got a bit stressed so far we paid up the £13.50 for 3 hrs. parking and walked to the beach area hoping for a swim.
Once again this was an extremely busy town. The beach area was packed, I don’t think there was a space that wasn’t covered with towels or sunbeds and umbrellas, we had to pick our way across the stones between the people to get into the water, which, when we eventually got there was quite cloudy – I expect through so many people swimming & churning it up.
We walked along the front to see how accessible the campsite was at the other end of town. We could have got there easily but wouldn’t have wanted to stay! It was choc a block with “campers” if you know what I mean – large families, screaming kids, noisy teenagers etc…. vans crammed in small spaces and just not our cup of tea – and on top of that it was 35E a night.
We walked back along the seafront to the van, stopping to buy Tony water shoes and myself a beach mattress on the way; Tony haggles and got 500kn off the price (50p!) The town is divided in two, where we had parked the van was in the old part of town and compared to the other end this was relatively quiet, not so many people here. Lots of apartment, in fact they look like nearly the whole area is apartments so obviously a holiday town.
We stopped at a shaded restaurant and I had Calamari, Tony had mussels, & a ltr bottle of water for £10 – very reasonable and enjoyable.
I think in late September or October this would be a lovely place to stay, without the crowds it could be idyllic. Reminds me of Callela de Parafugel in Spain the late 1960’s.
It was 4pm now and we had seen as much of the island that we wanted so decided to head off. We had seen a campsite at the very top of the island just as we came of the bridge so though we would call in there and if not too expensive would stay the night before heading down the mainland tomorrow.
Called in at the campsite – 30E and whilst we were discussing it the receptionist said she would give us 20% discount, Tony said 30% and we settled on 25%. Would never have thought to haggle over campsite fees!
We parked up, close to the beach, not realising kid’s playground and bar were just behind us!
Went swimming in the sea – although very pebbly it was lovely & clear, you just need water shoes all the time.
We had tea but I didn’t feel that good – I felt quite sick, so went to bed early. That night the area we had parked was very noisy until about midnight.
I was quite ill all night!

Not a lot to write for today as I spent the whole day in bed with the fan blowing on me to cool me down. Feeling quite poorly – have a suspicion it’s something to do with filling the water bottles at the camp where there was no separate drinking water pipe!
We moved the van to the quieter end of the camp and Tony occupied himself all day swimming, snorkelling & kayaking.
We will stay here until Monday when hopefully it will be less crowded as we move on to the mainland.
It’s a nice site, nothing here except for lots of open space, 1 toilet/shower block, a kids playground and a restaurant/bar and open ocean all around – oh and as I’ve just been reminded it’s on the flight path for the local airport so twice a day huge jet planes fly over very close! (that’s not so bad though – the location makes up for it!)
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