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    Jul 9, 2012
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    Kings Lynn, Norfolk
    Hello, I am near kings Lynn , Norfolk, just been introduced to this site by a customer of mine, I run a small garage business from home and would like to offer my services to local enthusiasts who may find it hard to find a mechanic for their vehicle.
    I have a secure and discreet premises and a genuine interest in campers, revs and caravans.
    Capable of caring for vehicles up to 36 feet long, I look forward to meeting new customers and giving help and advice where possible.
    I am sure I can be contacted via this site, kind regards, Adrian.
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    Hi Adrian, as you are offering a 'paid for' service can i advise you contact Jim, the forum owner, to register as a trade member.

    he is fine with folks joining as trade members but does need to know first.

    contact Jim here >>click<<

    open the link and click on contact info, then send Jim a private message..
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