What size wires from solar to LR1218?

Discussion in 'Solar Power' started by fred flintstone, Oct 13, 2016.

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    I have a Schaudt 268 controller in my 2001 Pilote Pacific.
    I want to connect 2 x 100w panels to it so after much reading in here I bought a LR1218 to make all the connections.
    It looks really easy on the pictures and in the fitting instructions.
    When the LR1218 arrived I was shocked by how small it was. The connections where the panel connects to it are tiny spade fittings. The wires from the panel are too thick for the spades.
    I have asked various solar experts and all they say is:

    "It is not as simple as you think to fit the schaudt solar unit, LR1218 or the MPPT. If you have 2 solar panels fitted on the roof it has to be the correct cable fitted and check that the panels are paralleled in the correct way"

    Does anyone know what size the correct cable is and where to buy it? Is it difficult to wire it all together.
    I assume paralleled means + to + and - to -

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