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    New Site For Camper Vans In Vienna
    By Andrew Edgar,

    Tourists visiting Vienna by camper van have a new place to hitch up for the night as a new site for motorhomes opens in the city.

    The new site, located in the Perfektastrasse in Liesing, is one of the largest in Europe and is already welcoming guests from Germany and Italy.

    ‘Many foreign guests visit our city by camper vans during the advent period’, said Hans Böhm of Reisemobil Touringclub Austria.

    Sleeping in vehicles on the road is, however, forbidden by law, so camper van owners were previously restricted to traditional camp sites.

    The site covers 14,000 square metres and is equipped with power points, waste disposal facilities, wireless internet and a dog walking area – as well as being just 150 metres from a station on the U6 line.

    ‘This well-equipped site is set-up just like a good camp site, the only difference being that the pitches can only be used by camper vans’, said Böhm. Tents and caravans are not permitted.

    The 188-pitch site has been specially designed with camper vans in mind. The parking areas can accommodate even the largest models, and there is CCTV throughout. A supermarket, hairdresser, restaurant as well as cycling and electronic shops can all be found opposite the pitches.

    There are some differences from traditional camp sites, however. The camper van site is open day and night throughout the year, but is mainly aimed at tourists passing through. ‘We don’t want any long-term guests’. says Böhm. The nightly fee of €19 is aimed at discouraging those who might stay longer.

    Camping clubs in Austria have reacted positively to the news. ‘It is well overdue that a world city like Vienna should have a camper van site’, said Manfred Riha from Camping and Caravanning Club Austria.

    Tomas Mehlmauer, from the Austrian Camping Club (ÖCC), also welcomed the site. ‘It would be great if Vienna became a forerunner for other capital cities, because there is certainly demand.’

    Vienna receives just under 51,000 camping tourists each season.

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    Perfect timing we're gonna be in Vienna in a few weeks in the van we'll check it out. (y)(y)

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