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    Just been to my local DVLA office to see about getting the log book changed and a new tax disc after uplating our motorhome, phew did I learn something, the very helpful lady asked me for my Insurance certificate and current mot.
    Of course I didn`t take those as I am in the DVLA office and they know you have both, er no apparently local offices don`t use the same software or have access to the main office in Cardiff :Doh:
    Anyway she tells me that my MOT ran out on the 18th August opps silly me has all the Mot`s from the first one and they are all from October to October, the current one is from August to August, (mental note to self I must be more observant in future):Blush:

    Gave her the form of declaration from SvTech and she said i`ve never seen one of those before, thankfully another member of staff passed by and said oh yeah dealt with them loads of time that`s all ok. Phew..

    So top man there says I need current insurance cert and MOT cert an ordinary car MOT will be fine, I asked er.. even though it`s now classed as Private heavy goods.
    Yes a class 4 is all you need. so i learned something else as I thought it was a different rating.

    Best thing of all is that it`s now cheaper to tax the motorhome, who on earth makes all these rules up...
    Still nice to be in pocket for once. :thumb:
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    I did mine about 3 weeks ago, still waiting for my V5. Could be up to 8 weeks. Mine was also done by SVTech.

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