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    I recently read a letter in MMM which I thought deserved a mention here. I don't know if the writer is correct in his actions and it may have already been discussed on here before.

    The letter writer informed his insurance ,Caravan Guard, that he would be towing a car on his motorhome with an A Frame. They had no problem with this. He then phoned his car insurers,RAC, who first told him they had never come across the question before. :Eeek:
    They then confirmed that they would not cover the car if it was damaged while it was being towed.

    He then telephoned numerous insurance companies, most of whom had never come across this situation. He then spoke to Caravan Guard who advised him a company that would cover his car while being towed.

    I find this incredible but never having towed before, (I am thinking about it in the future) has he stirred up a hornet's nest or just unlucky with his choice of insurance company.

    Any thoughts here or anyone towing come across this problem before?
  2. Geo

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    Yes this is true:Doh: many people have come across this problem when asking the right questions. many don't ask so are not told:cry:
    Most insurers that are OK with you towing, inform you that the toad is now considered a trailer and your fine:thumb:
    BUT fail to inform you that nearly all cover for a trailer maxes out at £1000:Eeek:
    No good if your toad is worth many £000s more
    Bryan our admin discovered this problem and suggested an agreed value for his "Trailer" of lets say 10K for example, and all seemed well until his make of trailer, Jeep in this case was not in the drop down tick box's for trailers
    Then it all went T**s up again:Doh:
    The best solution I found was to have both my vehicles fully comp with the same insurance company NFU and insured as a package IE RV and Toad
    When the worst happens they can now fall out with themselves who's paying for what They have assured me I have Maximum protection this way
    Only time and fate will tell:RollEyes:
    Its also
    worth adding that you need to check what and how a car is covered on a trailer, you may not have "Goods in transit" cover at all.
    So only the trailer is coverd and NOT the car(Goods) on it
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    I agree with Geo, go with the NFU, I had both m/h and Smart insured with them, and after a senior moment I left the smart in gear when I set off and totalled the engine- claimed on the insurance and in 4 weeks got more than I expected- just £500 less than I paid for it 12 months earlier!
    Hope this helps, cheers, Dave :thumb:
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    I insured my Hymer, Bantam trailer and Smart Car with Comfort Insurance through AVIVA. As Geo says if anything does go wrong I only have one insurance, AVIVA, to deal with. So far they have been OK.

  5. motorhomelover


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    The world
    It looks as if your best having fully comp on both MH and Toad with the same insurer
    I am looking for a toad so if any one has one please contact me

    yours ian& Carole
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    I have just bought my first toad. My m/h is insured throgh the Caravan Club so contacted them. They were happy to insure it, fully comp including the same cover when towed. As i was insuring a second vehicle they gave 40%introductory bonus plus an extra 20% for a second car.

    I have never had toad so did not know what it would cost, the value of the toad is £6.5k and I limited my mileage to 5k a year. The premium was £260. This is for myself and my two sons as named drivers. Is this a fair price?
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    My Peugeot 107 toad was insured with Admiral , but following this thread I rang them to check cover on tow, only 3rd party. I have cancelled, only cost £17.50 canc fee and re insured with NFU , cost £259, no more expensive than Admiral and is covered fully comp on trailer or a frame.
    Good thread :thumb::thumb:

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