Rear view camera problem help please

Discussion in 'Tech/Mech General' started by acdcdave, Jul 13, 2010.

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    We have a Mobitronic RV-200 rear view camera system circa 2003 (black & white) on the motorhome. During the summer the picture has started to get unstable - it looks as though the screen is melting and finally all structure is lost leaving what looks like a big smear. Looks like the framing system is unhappy. Initially I thought it was due to overheating, as it was better when it was cold but it got steadily worse. Has anybody seen this sort of thing before and is it fixable and if so how?

    In case it's a right off, I have seen a nice little PAL reversing camera in Maplin which I might use with a small cheap flat screen. Again any thoughts or suggestions? The pukka Waeco units seem very pricey but perhaps they really need to be solid and reliable?

    Gratefull all feedback, Thanks Dave.
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    Can't help with the problem, but if you do have to by new personally would go for the Waeco. They are expensive but feel you get what you pay for. Ours is now 2 yrs. old and would not be without it. When I first had it installed a friend who had a cheaper one, changed as it was so much better than his.

    Hope it does not come to that though and someone can help you.

    Dave :thumb::thumb:
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    It sounds as though your monitor is duff .. I would try replacing that first..

    If you decide on a new system, I would tend to agree with Dave.. go for a good quality b/w with a CRT monitor.. you get what you pay for and the clarity is far better than a cheap LCD
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    I agree with Jim! (heard that phrase somewhere else - but still appropriate) It doe4s sound as if your monitor is going faulty. Don't be led up the path of only thinking that a Waeco system is the only answer. Providing you consider a good quality lcd system and not a cheap one from somewhere like eBay you should be ok.:Smile:

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